Miss TGPC 2016, Episode 1: Meet the Contestants

Miss TGPC 2016 is a culmination of dreams that we have seen at ‘The Great Pageant Community‘ over years. We started the call for entries in July 2016 and we received a great response from not only India, but also across the globe in 20 days. After a through screening process, we shortlisted 13 candidates whom we believe have potential to grow and become a better version of themselves with the feedback, criticism, tutorials and learning provided by us, our judges, our members and our readers by the end of this contest.

Miss TGPC 2016 Contestants

The girls were excited to be a part of this contest as they think that Miss TGPC 2016 has provided them the opportunity that allows them to compete against the girls from different corners of the world without having much of efforts and resources to be invested into it. It also provided chance to the girls from remote locations to compete in pageant which otherwise they can’t as the auditions are held in metro cities where these girls can’t reach easily. Over next 6 weeks you shall be seeing this girls wining you over and getting better with every episode. So without any further ado, we present you the 13 finalists of Miss TGPC 2016.

Miss TGPC 2016 Contestants


Contestant 1: Ananya Tripathi

Ananya Tripathi, Miss TGPC 2016 Contestants
Ananya Tripathi

Ananya Tripathi is 18 years old and is currently a student of Engineering in Pune, India. She is also a national level Kathak Dancer.

Why Miss TGPC? Pageants are something I m very passionate about,and a career I always wanted to pursue. I want to be a big part of our fashion world and I think Miss TGPC is the starting stage for me.

Contestant 2: Anushka Jadhav

Anushka Jadhav, Miss TGPC 2016 Contestants
Anushka Jadhav

Anushka Jadhav is 24 years old from Mumbai, India and is a Cabin Crew and Fashion Designer by profession. She has her own brand label of clothing by the name of ‘KitaShka’.

Why Miss TGPC: Miss TGPC is a platform which can help me find myself, my flaws on which I can work upon and my advantages which I can sharpen further. This is the opportunity which will help me to move forward with my dream of representing India on a International platform & shine bright like a diamond.

Contestant 3: Bhairavi Burad

Bhairavi Burad, Miss TGPC 2016 Contestants
Bhairavi Burad

Bhairavi Burad is 19 years old and is a student in Nasik. She has previously participated in Shravan Queen where she was awarded as Best Rampwalk subtitle.

Why Miss TGPC: I believe participating in MISS TGPC will help me gain more experience and provide me the right platform to showcase my talent and help me groom myself better.

Contestant 4: Chinkey Saini

Chinkey Saini, Miss TGPC 2016 Contestants
Chinkey Saini

Chinkey Saini is 21 years old from New Delhi, India and is a student of Computer Engineer. Her hobby includes dancing and writing.

Why Miss TGPC: A part of me is very much inclined towards pageantry.To the competition that values your desire to learn, interest and time more than your stature,a hearty yes to this new adventure came from within. Also,I wanted to consign the trust that a few fellows exhibited in me.

Contestant 5: Harneet Kaur

Harneet Kaur, Miss TGPC 2016 Contestants
Harneet Kaur

Harneet Kaur is 21 Years old and currently pursuing her degree in medical field in Amritsar, India. She loves dancing, painting and writing in her free time.

Why Miss TGPC: Since my childhood I have always dreamt of becoming an icon to the mankind , I want to reach at great heights and to achieve this I don’t want to miss any single chance. Hence I am participating in Miss TGPC.

Contestant 6: Mounica Patnana

Mounica Patnana, Miss TGPC 2016 Contestants
Mounica Patnana

Mounica Patnana is 19 years old from Vishakhapatnam, India and is currently pursuing her degree through IIT Delhi.She loves dancing in her free time. She feels that getting a seat in IIT was one of her greatest achievements.

Why Miss TGPC: I wanted to participate because I wanted to  pursue my career in this field. I think this is the best platform for me and I feel it will groom me and help me to cultivate the qualities required for a model.

Contestant 7: Pooja Sharma

Meet Pooja Sharma, Miss TGPC Elite 2016, in an exclusive Interview.

Pooja Sharma is 25 years old from Indore, India and working as an Industrial & Production Engineer in an MNC Company and also as a part time model. She was crowned as the winner of Miss Indore 2015.

Why Miss TGPC: TGPC is having great exposure with people having great, knowledge on pageants and being a pageant aspirant this would help me to learn more.

Contestant 8: Priyanka Kumari

Priyanka Kumari, Miss TGPC 2016 Contestants
Priyanka Kumari

Priyanka Kumari is 24 years old from Pune, India and was a former employee at TCS. She is currently preparing for her higher studies. She won a silver medal 3000 m running, in spite of no prior practice and  being a short distance runner.

Why Miss TGPC: After reading how it will be organized, I know it will be a great opportunity to have a very good learning experience.  Being an aspiring beauty queen, I know the importance of participating in such a pageant which can give us exposure and opportunity for confidence build up and further improvement in our skills.

Contestant 9: Ravina Sethia

Ravina Sethia, Miss TGPC 2016 Contestants
Ravina Sethia

Ravina Sethia is 21 years old from Kolkata, India and is a student and a fashion blogger. She has won Miss Xaviers, Miss Shri Shikshayatan and Miss Loreto in the same week .

Why Miss TGPC: This would be long. I was 5 when I dreamt that I wanted to be a Miss Universe/World. I did everything I could. Joined various clubs in school that would give me exposure to the other city schools. I learnt how dressing right could make so much of a difference. But sadly, just one thing could not go in my favour- My height.  I was THE happiest person when I saw this contest on TGPC. I knew I had to participate. I want to fulfil this little dream of mine in anyway possible. Maybe I don’t come on Magazine covers or make international headlines, but yes through this I’m sure I’ll meet amazing people from around the world who would support me and say- Whoa! She’s beautiful. That is the biggest reward and this is the perfect platform to gain such reward. Thank you.

Contestant 10: Srishti Pandey

Srishti Pandey, Miss TGPC 2016 Contestants
Srishti Pandey

Srishti Pandey is 21 years old from Varanasi, India and is a teacher by profession.  She loves dancing, listening music and following beauty pageants.

Why Miss TGPC: Miss TGPC can be a big platform for me which helps me to fulfil my dreams in future and will help me to go ahead in modelling

Contestant 11: Supriya C

Supriya C, Miss TGPC 2016 Contestants
Supriya C

Supriya C is 24 years old from Latur, India and is an active sports person.  She has received lot of medals in sports.She loves dancing and reading in her free time. She is currently pursuing higher studies.

Why Miss TGPC: I want to participate in Miss TGPC because I want be a role model for my village girls that they can also achieve what they want. I believe that this a great platform to prove what I am and can guide people for good things.

Contestant 12: Vrushali Gaurkar

Vrushali Gaurkar, Miss TGPC 2016 Contestants
Vrushali Gaurkar

Vrushali Gaurkar is 18 years old from Nagpur, India and is a student.  She is the winner of inter school dance competition and she lives listening to music in her free times.

Why Miss TGPC: I want to win Miss TGPC to fulfil my dream of representing India at International Level someday.

Contestant 13: Weenie Shayo

Weenie Shayo, Miss TGPC 2016 Contestants
Weenie Shayo

Weenie Shayo is 23 years old from Moshi, Tanzania and is a student and part time model. She loves to play and watch sports in her free time.

Why Miss TGPC: Since it’s an international competition, I would really love to establish myself as an international model and pageant winner, this way I can explore my true potential by the full coverage and exposure the competition brings to young girls all over the world. And given the fact that it has a negligible cost for participation, who wouldn’t want to give it a shot? You never know where life takes us to.

Photo N Vogue Miss Photogenic

Photo N Vogue, Miss TGPC 2016

All these girls will be judged by an ace photographer Mukesh Rathore from Photo N Vogue to select a winner of Miss Photogenic. The winner of Miss Photogenic will get a free portfolio photo-shoot by Photo N Vogue. Remember this is not about being the most beautiful or best face but how well do you have potential to be a great cover girl. It’s all about finding the potential for delivering well in front of the camera.

Note: The pictures here are only one of the few pictures on which girls will be judged for Miss Photogenic subtitle. The judge will go through multiple pictures of a candidate to arrive at final result.

Prizes of Miss TGPC 2016 Contest

Miss TGPC 2016

-Rs. 10000/- Cash Prize to the winner of Miss TGPC 2016  by Sumit Fashion

-A direct placement in Top 5 and Top 10 to 2 of the girls in the finale of World Supermodel India (An event owned and organised by YELLOW UMBRELLA)

-A gift hamper of Rs. 5000/-  to each of the Top 5 girls of Miss TGPC 2016 by Bird in Blue

-A Pageant Training and Grooming worth Rs. 40000/- by The Tiara Institute

-A Fashion Designing Course Worth Rs. 40000/- by Fashion Fundas

-A Portfolio shoot to the winner and the winner of Miss Photogenic and Miss TGPC 2016 by Photo N Vogue

-Media Promotion of winner and Miss TGPC 2016 Contestants by Yellow Umbrella

-Brand Ambassador title and promotion during the reign of the winner by The Great Pageant Community

-Gift Coupons to the subtitle winners by The Great Pageant Community


Next Episode: Results of Miss Photogenic, on 2nd September 2016 at 8 PM only on The Great Pageant Community.

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