Miss Diva 2016: Final Hotpicks & Review

Miss Diva 2016 Final Hotpicks

Miss Diva 2016 has been a special  pageant for many reasons.  People have wholeheartedly accepted the batch since day one!  No one shies away from admitting that the organisation has done a good job in selecting finalists this year.  People are also appreciating the TV series.  It is becoming difficult to predict the results because the girls are very strong.  Yet again Miss Diva batch seems superior to Femina Miss India batch of the year.  The predictions expressed in this post have been arrived by our experts after thoroughly following the contestants since day one.

Our experts note the following points on the 7 beauties.

  • Heena Bhalla is emerging out to be the clear favorite for the main title.  The girl comes with a lot of experience and it helps her to stand out.  Even the other girls are admitting that while they learn how to do things, Heena is very much ready.  Since the winner will not have much time to prepare for Miss Universe 2016, Heena seems to be a good choice for Miss Diva 2016 title. 
  • Roshmitha Harimurthy is a competitive girl who describes herself as a jack of all trades and master of none.  It is quite an accurate definition because the girl is strong in many ways although she doesn’t stand out the ultimate best one out there.  
  • Aradhana Buragohain is in much better form right now than she was in Femina Miss India 2016.  She is gorgeous and would be a great choice for a Top 3 spot.  
  • Monisha Ramesh is way ahead than where she was two years ago.  
  • Sakshma Srivastav speaks with a lot of flamboyant confidence, which many will adore and few will call over the top.  The girl has a beautiful face and an international appeal.
  • Natasha Bhardwaj speaks with way too much confidence for an eighteen year old!  She walks good and knows how to stand with conceit in a batch where majority of the girls are facially prettier than her.
  • Aayushi Arora is very charming and seems quite prepared.  We do see her possibly making the Top 7 but we don’t see her in the Top 3.

In few days, the winner of Miss Diva 2016 should be known.  May the best one win!