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Sharlene Radlein has lost her crown as Miss Universe Jamaica

Sharlene Radlein has lost her crown as Miss Universe Jamaica

Source: Sharelene’s page on Facebook

Miss Universe Jamaica 2015 title is no more held by Sharlene Radlein. The statement at a press conference by Miss Universe Jamaica officials at the Jamaica Pegasus on Monday.  “Since being crowned… we have painstakingly sought to guide Ms Radlein in a manner which reflects the vision and ideals of the organization. However, her actions have been wholly inconsistent with the culture of the pageant, both locally and internationally,” the officials alleged.  The decision of stripping her off was made on Friday itself.

The stripping of Sharlene Radlein is perhaps the reaction of Miss Universe Jamaica organization to lawsuit that she filed in the Supreme Court on July 20.  Sharlene has sued Karl Williams, fellow Miss Universe Jamaica manager Mark McDermoth, and Uzuri International Designs, the registered holder of the Miss Universe franchise.  The defendants have 14 days to concede the claims that have been served on them, and 42 days to file a counter-claim outlining the truths on which they will be relying. In the lawsuit, which was filed in the Supreme Court on July 20, Radlein asserts that the defendants are in breach of an agreement to grant her a prize package valued at more than $2 million, and in further breach by not disbursing the cash prize portion of the prize unpaid since January.

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