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Miss Earth India 2016 Contestants: Vote for Your Favourite

Miss Earth India 2016 Contestants

Meet 20 stunning contestants of Miss Earth India 2016: Aastha Abhay, Sakshi Gupta, Akansha Mohan, Hemal Ingle, Bhavyata Sharma, Adya Srivastava, Divyanshi Jain, Apurva Kumarley, Kirti Pingale, Nikeeta Bellgard, Pallavi Sirohi, Pooja Katyal, Rashi Yadav, Rwituparna Ghosh, Chum Darang, Saumya Singh, Shaan Soumya Saxena, Swetha Gadad and Tanwi Dixit

These 20 Miss Earth India 2016 contestants shall now compete for the title that will give them an official right to compete at Miss Earth 2016 later this year. We must appreciate the fact that the pool of contestants selected has at least 5-7 girls who could potentially be groomed to win Miss Earth 2016 title. Moreover, the kind of coverage this pageant has got this year, we must appreciate the efforts taken by the management team of Miss Earth India.

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It is to be noted that this is the first year of Miss Earth India under the new direction of Mr. Pradeep Maithani, who has done a wonderful job of getting the right amount of coverage amongst pageant media as well as the contestants. We are expecting a great show this year under this new management team. The new team also seems to be very focused in their social cause as we can see multiple banners in the background promoting social cause of ‘Women Empowerment’.

India has won Miss Earth in 2010 when Nicole Faria won the contest in Vietnam, After this win, India never managed to place in the contest in last 5 years. This year the winner will be trying to not only grab the placement but also a high placement for the organisation. Who is you favourite to win the crown this year? Vote for her to show your support.

Vote for your Favourite Miss Earth India 2016 Contestant

Credits: Miss Earth India Facebook Page

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  1. Palavi, The Nation wants your Win. The Only contestant of Bharat ke dheer jawan, Col. Kartar Singh Sirohi. Jai Jawan, Jai Palavi.

  2. Apurva kumarley!! God bless you and best of luck..
    Yes!! You can. You will be next miss earth india.. ??

  3. Only miss apurva kumarley is the best and deserve candidate for this miss earth as she proves all the needed quality of this contest

  4. Sarfaroshi ki tammanna ab hamare dil main hai, Daikhna hai jor kitna baju-e-qateel main hai
    Apurva you will win for sure ….

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