How to prepare for Miss Universe Contest?

How to prepare for Miss Universe Contest?

I am sure most of the readers reading this post wishes to be the winner of a Beauty Pageant. But to be a winner, you need to behave like a winner, for eg, If you want to be Miss Universe, be Miss Universe. When you walk into the audition room, you’ll see many girls like you who have similar dreams. But what is the difference between you and them? It’s what you think of who you are. Walk in to that room like you’re Miss Universe. That’s your dream. That’s what you want to be.

Don’t be afraid to face the judges or someone who you think have more experience than you. Many of the girls are there just to try the world of fashion and Films. There’s nothing wrong with that. But if you walk like a Miss Universe would, you’ll stand apart. Walk, talk and feel like you’re Miss Universe. Often we end up losing because we never think of ourselves as what we should be. We give too much importance to what others are doing or trying to better our competitors. Miss Universe is your dream, so be that Miss Universe. Don’t just be the girl who wants to be Miss Universe. Feel like yourself as if you’re already one. And continue to work on your body, language and personality. It can be hard to prepare for the contest. If you can actually feel your dream then it’s going to be easy preparing for the contest despite the hectic work schedule. Here are few of the Tips from me for each round that might help you prepare well.

Tips‬ on Swimsuit and Evening gown walk.
How to prepare for Miss Universe Contest?
Pia Wurtzbach during Swimsuit portion of Miss Universe 2015

Like I already mentioned, walk and sway like you are Miss Universe already and the audience is your admirer. It’s true it will be nerve wrecking to walk in swimsuit on stage especially for those coming from conservative countries, where covering the body is more of their culture. How many of us see our women in swimsuit when we go to the beaches? Not many or none. So to look confident in your body and give out that energy, practise is the key. Try walking in swimsuit when you’re alone in your house or room (do close the doors and the windows 😉 ). Walk and sway, walk and sway…. You’ll feel more confident about yourself, your body and you’ll feel it more liberating. Again, try those as you work on your body in the gym.

How to prepare for Miss Universe Contest?
Oxana Fedorova, Miss Russia 2002, competes during the evening gown portion

For Evening Gown, try walking in any random gown for practice, so that you’ll feel comfortable and more easy to carry the gown. You don’t have to buy those designer or couture gown to try or practise. Just for practise, you can start with more affordable gowns from street market, fashion market or sometimes even rapping bed sheet around your body will do, that’s how many great gowns were designed you see ;).

While practising to walk, play a song and walk according to the tune of the song. Like if you’re playing a slow melodious tune, walk keeping in mind the tune and pace of the song. If it’s a catchy, fast or more happening kind of song, you can walk faster and sway in between. One perfect example is that of Lara Dutta in Miss Universe 2000. Watch her Miss Universe Swimsuit and Evening gown walk. Or Pia’s Miss Universe swimsuit and Evening gown round.

Tips on the use of Language

How to prepare for Miss Universe Contest?
Leila Lopes, Miss Universe 2011 answering the final question in her native language during the finale

It’s ok if you’re not fluent in English. It’s ok if you make a mistake while speaking. Forget about the accent. Not being able to speak English or having accent doesn’t make you any less. Whatever language you speak, be it Hindi or broken English, speak confidently, that’s all. Do not give a damn to those who are judgemental about people who can speak English fluently are high standard or intelligent. In the Miss Universe contest there are more than 90 girls competing for the same title but I am sure 70 percent of the contestants can’t speak English fluently. That’s not a parameter to judge either your personality or where you come from. Look at the past Miss Universe winners, how many of them can speak that Language fluently? Your guess is as good as mine.

Most Important Tip

How to prepare for Miss Universe Contest?

Work, work, work while you feel yourself as Miss Universe. There is no substitute to hard work. Didn’t make the cut this year in your national pageant? There’s always next year. If you do your part, things will surely comeback to you sooner or later 😉

Author: Simeon Singsit, Founder of ‘Indian and World Pagean‘ under #HelpMissDiva Initiative by The Great Pageant Community.