Tips on handling Social Media

social media
Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach has been handling her social media way better than Paulina Vega, her predecessor. This makes her more likeable and popular.

In the current times, it is very important for all the beauty pageant aspirants to have their own fan Base. What should be done for this?

Tips on handling Social Media for pageant girls

1) Create your Multimedia accounts (If you don’t have it) FB Fan Page / Instagram / Twitter and make sure they reflects the pageant you are competing for; use appropriate banners as well.

2) Keep your fans updated about your whereabouts on these platform. Make sure you use suitable hash-tags for the pageant you are competing in.

3) Make Sure your Facebook account reflects your Multimedia Pages so that it will be easier for fans to get which one is your official page and which one is your fan page.

4) Get some quality photographs.  Your pictures are going to be the first impressions on your fans.

social media
Olivia Jordan spoke about the goof-up in Miss Universe finals on her social media accounts.

5) Make sure you interact with your fans on regular basis. Get involved in live chats!

6) Create your positive screen!! You might not always get positive inputs from fans, try to learn from constructive criticisms and ignore negative trolling.  Yes, pageantry can be very messy with fans, who don’t even know you, might make offensive remarks on you.  Be prepared to Ignore it.  But make sure you grow with that experience.

social media
Miss Earth India 2016 aspirant Saumya Singh shares a news related to conservation of mother Earth on her social media. OF COURSE, this helps her image in a positive way.

7) Be thankful on Social Media. How to do it??  Social media is not only to share your high definition pictures.  Make sure you click with people helping you in various things ( like Fittings, Hairs, Makeup, Shoots etc.).  Upload those pictures on your multimedia pages and If you name them, it will definitely give a positive vibes about you. You should also take pictures with your fans If they happen to meet you.

8) Surprise your Supporters!! How?? Make Fansigns for your fans and send them your pictures holding those fan-signs.

9) Also share news / updates from the current happenings on your pages if you feel that is somehow related to the cause you are working on.  ( But avoid controversies and taking extreme stands; be open to various angles of the story.)

10) Be congenial to fellow beauty queens on social media as well. Thank / Congratulate them if there is a suitable occasion.

Pictures: Miss Universe, Screenshots from various social media sites

Author: Mayera Preet (“Mr & Miss India Fan” page) contributed the article in The Great Pageant Community (Group) as per of #HelpMissDiva initiave, to help pageant aspirants in their endeavours.