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Watch Miss Universe 2015 Crowning Spoof & die laughing.. ;)

Watching pageants is amazing what is more amazing is watching the spoofs of the mistakes that happens in pageants. Few of those spoofs included answer by Janina San Miguel, Venus Raj, Irene Esser etc. But if you thought that was the funniest ever seen, then we warn you..!!

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You are not about to see something that will make you roll on the floor laughing.  We are talking about the biggest controversy ever of Miss Universe, i.e., Miss Universe 2015 crowning. The maker of the video simply nailed the spoof and we bet that this would be the funniest spoof you would have ever seen till date. The most adorable part of the video was how Miss Colombia was over reacting at everything and how her translator was controlling her during her final question answer. It is beyond awesome. Have a watch and enjoy the video. Don’t forget to share if you love it.

Miss Universe 2015 Crowning Spoof


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  1. It is funny but disrespecting to Miss Colombia. Pia and Ariadna are both nice girls and one need not to be put down in order to glorify the other. They only exaggerated actions of Miss Colombia to make it funny and this says something about the message the creator wanted to give. I don’t think that this should be encouraged, it could be hurtful.

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