Meet Melvyn Dominic Noronha- The Shining Star of Indian Pageantry

Melvyn Dominic Noronha

TGPC takes pride in writing this blog post for none other than the very suave, intelligent and a charming personality Melvyn Dominic Noronha (you all know him right? The Famous Indian Designer, but is that all?). An engineer having done Bachelors in Information Technology, Melvyn always embodied an artistic mind, he used to draw at the back of his notebooks from an early age. Says Melvyn, “I am not a designer because I chose the path, I am a designer because through bullying, pressures and other adversaries of life, I just learnt to keep working hard and giving my best to everything.” A firm believer in God, Melvyn believes in first praying to the Almighty before starting any new project (“Art is divine and it comes from above. I am only an instrument to bring it to life”).

Melvyn Dominic Noronha
Melvyn at Kingfisher Voice of Goa 2010

He’s a born artist, and he is firmly rooted to the history and culture of India. But calling him a mere Fashion designer would be an understatement, for he is gifted with various talents which include singing (Winner of Kingfisher Voice of Goa 2010, He writes the lyrics for his songs himself- That’s amazing, isn’t it?) He is a wonderful artist, an adept Fashion Choreographer, and he’s been giving runway ramp-walk coaching to various pageant aspirants (the likes of which include Gail Nicole Da Silva, Miss United Continents 2014, 1st Runner Up). Melvyn has always put his heart and soul in his work, always aiming to bring pride to the nation.

Melvyn Dominic Noronha is also a motivational speaker for youth, and always finds time for charity amidst his busy schedules. He’s the face of COOJ (Cause of Our Joy) Mental Health Foundation, an NGO that aims at bridging the gap between existing services in mental health and the immense need. He is a very humble personality blessed with a beautifully crafted artistic mind that reflects in his work. TGPC here presents, some of his wonderful creations that brought pride to India.

National Costumes by Melvyn Dominic Noronha

  1. Miss United Continents 2014- Winner

Melvyn Dominic Noroha

This one is the favorite costume of Melvyn as it was one of the first he created. Melvyn adds, ”Gail Knew me only as a choreographer and a pageant mentor before this. This was the outcome of Gail’s trust in me, who had never seen any of my artistic abilities before. So when we won, it felt very special. It was a blessing.” This

  1. Miss United Continents 2015- WinnerMelvyn Dominic Noroha

This was perhaps the first back to back win for best in National Costume segment ever witnessed at any pageant till date. Kudos to you, Melvyn Dominic Noronha. His creation for Sushrii Shreya Mishra had minute detailing of Indian Culture covered into it.

  1. Miss International 2015-1st runner up

Melvyn Dominic Noroha

This one is yet another beautiful costume which has been beautifully designed by Melvyn for Supriya Aiman.

  1. Miss Supranational 2014- 2nd runner up

Melvyn Dominic Noroha

This costume shows ‘Elephant in Spiritual Trance that combats Paranormal Activities, with true Indian Love’ The backpack are the ears of an elephant which represent that the years of acquiring knowledge by the Indians have been achieved through listening. A perfect disciple acts like an elephant, devoting to complete obedience to the master and is eventually led by the eyes of his spirit.The silhouette of the costume is a combination of a ghagra and a Manipuri skirt. Latkans are used to embellish the outfit. The dress expresses Asha’s combined spiritual and scientific thinking. The bells on the choli, give the sounds that calm the mind into a prayerful trance. The colours blue and gold represent the serenity and graceful strength in being calm from within.The lights penetrating through the outfit express the scientific possibility of ghosts being high frequency matter thus allowing them to pass through walls.

  1. Miss Earth 2014- 2nd runner up

Melvyn Dominic Noroha

This National Costume was themed around Kamasutra and Ayurveda and celebrates Indian culture and affinity to nature. While the High fashion hairstyle piece represents the QutubMinar, the body suit featuring the Khajurao temple signifies an Indian woman’s body.

When asked about his favorite National Costume, he told us-“All my costumes are God’s gifts to me and are my babes. The creation of each of them has given me so many special moments, helped me grow as an artist and given me wonderful friends in the respective contestants. I’m grateful to God for that”

“I hope that I can be the great human my dad was by the end of my life”- Well, Melvyn you truly are a great human being and a gift for Indian pageantry! We wish you luck for all your future endeavors! Keep shining bright like the star you are. <3

Credits: Times of India

Author: Saloni Sharma