Mr World 2016 [Meet the Contestants]

Meet the dashing contestants of Mr World 2016 !!!!

Mr World 2014-Nicklas Pedersen of Denmark will crown his successor soon. Who will succeed him as the next Mr World 2016 ?
Who will succeed Nicklas Pedersen as the next Mr World Meet the contestants of MR World 2016

Mr World 2016 will take palace on July 19th 2016 at the Southport Theater Convention Center in Southport, Devon, England. Mr World is a biennial pageant which is conducted by the Miss World Organization. This year’s edition will be the 9th one. Like the Miss World pageant the contestants have to go through various fast track events to make their way to the semi-finals of the pageant. Nicklas Pedersen of Denmark is the reigning Mr World and he will crown his successor at the end of the event. In 1996 Tom Nuyens of Belgium became the first recipient of the Mr World title after him Sandro Finoglio of Venezuela (1998), Uruguay’s Ignacio Kliche (2000) Gustavo Gianetti from Brazil (2002),Juan García Postigo of Spain (2007), Ireland’s Kamal Ibrahim (2010),Francisco Escobar from Colombia (2012) and finally Denmark’s Nicklas Pedersen ( 2014) have won the title and crown of Mr World. Mr World 2016 edition will see Iran, Nepal & Nicaragua debuting at the pageant.

Meet the contestants of Mr World 2016

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Photo Credit:Mr World Facebook Page , Social Networking profiles of the Contestants.