Remembering Manpreet Brar, almost a Miss Universe 1995

Manpreet Brar

Remember Manpreet Brar? Well, how can we ever forget her? She was bestowed upon on of the most difficult tasks after wining Miss India 1995, i.e. winning back to back title of Miss Universe for India after Sushmita Sen‘s win at Miss Universe 1994. When she was crowned Femina Miss India 1995, many thought that she won’t do anything noticeable but coming to the finale of Miss Universe 1995, Manpreet shut the mouth of her naysayers by demonstrating her extreme wit and intelligence in Interview rounds during the finale. She also scored the highest in preliminary Interview round. She is also remembered for her Top 6 Answer, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful answers in the history of Miss Universe, The question was:

“If you found yourself in a situation where you were being discriminated against because of race, what would you do?”

Manpreet Brar replied, “There is a saying that goes, ‘If your back is bent only then will somebody climb on it, so stand up straight and nobody will ever climb on your back, that’s all.”

Audience applauded her answer a lot along with the judges. This helped her sway through the Top 6 towards Top 3. She managed to finish 1st runner-up in the end. Have a look at what she looks like after almost 2 decades of her competition. Manpreet is now married to Arjun Walia, and has two kids.

Picture Credits: Miss Malini