Five Goddesses of Miss USA 2016

The term ‘Goddess of Beauty’ represents the sheer perfection; The perfection in facial features of a girl that brings the harmony in the eyes of an observer. Miss USA 2016 season kick started with a bang yet going cold in its mid journey. Few are rating it as one of the most boring years of Miss USA pageant, others are rating it as one of the most creative and unique years. Our team have observed all the contestants of Miss USA 2016 and could list out 5 girls who fits perfectly in the mould a goddess.

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When we say goddess, it represents just the charm of face and no influence of personality or attitude. The list of girls doesn’t reflect the prediction for Miss USA 2016, but only the over all facial symmetry that is admired at any pageant. The girls possessing the most acceptable universal likeliness could make it to our Top 5 of the ‘Goddesses of Miss USA 2016’ list. Let’s have a look who are they:

#California, Nadia Mejía

California, Nadia Mejía

A hot blonde bombshell, who can pass of a fierce goddess on the stage of Miss USA, Nadia is very unique in her own way. Her exquisite yet calm features are bound to impress any pageant fan. We are sure she will be a super performer coming preliminary and finale.

#Idaho, Sydney Halper

Idaho, Sydney Halper

Idaho turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Sydney has strong features which is what appeals to western public a lot. If styled properly in preliminary, this girl will do extremely well. She is in our radar now.

#Michigan, Susie Leica

Michigan, Susie Leica

Susie for us is one of the best faces not only for this year but for many other years. To us she already looks like an international star in the contest. She is tall, she is lean and is a striking beauty, what else do we need in a winner? Watch out for her.

#Virginia: Desiree Williams

Virginia: Desiree Williams

Virginia is the face of the pageant as per our team’s opinion. In fact, many rated her as ‘Black Barbie’ at Miss USA 2016. Her strong symmetrical facial features swings her in the list of  fierce+beautiful girls of the pageant. She is locked in Top 5 already.

#Wisconsin: Kate Redeker

Wisconsin: Kate Redeker

Kate has very neat features which can easily charm any judge. The calmness of her look radiates across the room and can bring smile on your face when you are observing her. Lovely girl, destined to shine..!!

Who are your 5 best faces of the pageant this year? Do share with us.