Miss USA 2016 Head Shots: Top 10 Stunners

Miss USA 2016 Head Shots
Miss USA 2016 Head Shots

Miss USA 2016 Head Shots have been released and we are a bit disappointed with the quality of Photo shoot this year, adding to this, everything looks bit messed up/unplanned because till last year, we used to see multiple video interviews and photoshoots of Evening Gown, Swimsuit, Close Up shots etc. This gave us a proper platform to judge the girls on various aspects. However, this element is missing at Miss USA 2016. Nevertheless, our experts have gone through all the head shots and have picked up their list of Top 10 who they think just nailed the picture. Let’s have a look at the Top 10 Headshots

Miss USA 2016 Head Shots: Top 10 Picks

#California: Nadia Mejia

Miss  California USA 2016, Nadia Mejía

Nadia Mejia has been a front runner of the contest since day-1. The sultriness Nadia can present on the table is unmatchable in the contest. Loved her short hair..!!


#Hawaii:Chelsea Hardin

Miss  Hawaii USA 2016, Chelsea Hardin

Chelsea Hardin has the beauty that captivates more and more every-time you look at her face. This picture yells simplicity yet beauty. We call her beauty as contagious.

#Kansas: Victoria Wiggins

Miss  Kansas USA 2016, Victoria Wiggins

Victoria Wiggins‘s tanned skin can make other girls jealous of her. Her expression communicates a lot of emotion in this single picture. We hope she is as captivating in motion as well during the Preliminary.

#Kentucky: Kyle Hornback

Miss  Kentucky USA 2016, Kyle Hornback

Girls from Kentucky are always a treat to watch in Miss USA and Kyle Hornback is no exception to that. Loved her messy hair, she simply nailed this look. She also reminds us of Miss Australia World 2012, who finished 3rd in Miss World 2012.

#Michigan: Susie Leica

Miss  Michigan USA 2016, Susie Leica

Michigan sends another stunner in the form of Susie Leica. Here radiant face is enough for us to keep her in our Top 5 at the moment. Expecting her to do very well in the prelim as well as finale.

#Nevada: Emelina Adams

Miss  Nevada USA 2016, Emelina Adams

Emelina Adams delivered one of the best pictures of this shoot. She looks a bombshell in here, which can slay the competition in no time. Her strength is her hottest facial features and expression, which can charm judges effortlessly. She is a major threat to the crown of Miss USA 2016.

#North Carolina: Devin Gant

Miss  North Carolina USA 2016, Devin Gant
North Carolina

She had one of the lowest time to prepare for the contest but we don’t feel she is letting that affect her. Her girl-next-door features and cute smile can easily put her in Top 15. Seeing the recent trend, girl with cute features are doing very well compared to hot bombshells back in 2000’s.

#Tennessee: Hope Stephens

Miss  Tennessee USA 2016, Hope Stephens

Hope Stephens hopes to wear the crown of Miss USA 2016 coming June 5 😉 And we surely think she has a shot at that. She has one of the most beautiful faces in the contest and she wears a sash of Tennessee which does weigh at Miss USA 2016.

#Virginia: Desiree Williams

Miss  Virginia USA 2016, Desiree Williams

Simply breathtaking… <3 < 3 <3 She is also the best black girl of the pageant this year. We feel she is already locked in the Top 5. Desiree Williams‘s strongest unique feature is her smile which could be infectious in finale. We would love to see her as our new Miss USA.

#Wisconsin: Kate Redeker

Miss  Wisconsin USA 2016, Kate Redeker

The say simplicity is the best form of beauty and Kate Redeker is a perfect example of that. Her look is very clean and you can’t just stop staring at her when she is in front of you. Our experts feel that she will write history for Wisconsin at Miss USA pageant.

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Picture Credits: Missosology