Poll: Can Miss Myanmar World 2016 Crown beat Miss Universe Mikimoto crown?

Revealing Miss Myanmar World 2016 Crown

Miss Myanmar World 2016 crown

Miss Myanmar World 2016 Crown has just been revealed and we can’t stop comparing it to the Mikimoto Version of Miss Universe crown, for many reasons, which was used from 2002-2007 (We miss it a lot). This crown is custom crafted by Amorn of Phukhet Pearl who also designed Miss World Thailand 2016 Crown.

The crown is inspired by the peacock feathers design and charmingly Myanmar’s women feature,cultural heritage of Myanmar’s barley designs.The liner includes wild Quartz and Andaman sea pearls, the value of the crown is 350000 Myanmar Kyats. That amazing ‘Miss Myanmar World 2016 Crown’ will be one of the best national crowns for sure.

Coming back to main question, do you prefer this of Miss Universe Mikimoto Crown?

[yop_poll id=”15″]

Credits: Miss Myanmar World 2016 FB Page and Amorn of Phuket Pearl.


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