TGPC Pageant Questions Season 2: Welcome to the Finale

TGPC Pageant Questions Season 2: Welcome to the Finale


Welcome all to the Grand Finale of the season! Can’t believe it’s been more than two months since the Pageant Questions Season 2 started. It’s been a beautiful journey, a wonderful response’s been witnessed from the audience! Thank you for all your love, and appreciation. We, at TGPC, have always aimed at providing quality stuff related to the Pageantry and tried our level best to entertain our audience throughout the globe. Let’s indulge into this colorful finale with full fervor, let’s make it a memorable one! We can do it together, we have the best of talented, creative and eloquent minds entering the finale, Come on guys, give your best! I, Saloni Sharma, have the pleasure to introduce to you our Top 10 finalists:

Video Credits: Andreas Sarkar

Here’s what our finalists have to say about Pageant Questions:

Aditi Pillai: It’s a proud feeling to be associated with TGPC – a team of committed souls who get the best out of pageants to you!
Pageant Questions by TGPC is a great initiative at a social platform to recognize the passion for pageants in each of them. With an interesting format and good set of questions for us, we get to experience different perspectives and be receptive to new thoughts. Thank you Team TGPC for this amazing opportunity.

Adney Goncalves: Well, these questions give me a feeling of being under the spotlight, allowing me go through the tense moments which the pageant contestants go through and wanting to say the best thing n not screw up. And in the end to know how well you fared.

Chinkey Saini: There are many people who cannot participate in pageants but their communication skills are just adorable and such contests provide them a platform to showcase their skills and simultaneously helping the aspirants getting prepare and also serves as a motivation.For not so pageant inclined pals, it’s a fun activity and can influence the way they think which is an ultimate goal of ours. I didn’t join the race expecting something in return except the appreciation and love for my answers, I’m content to the notch.

Nehal Chudasama: I personally feel.. these very unusual and extraordinary set of questions give me a brief idea and learning of how do i face and answer them while i’ll be onstage someday in future for any of the pageants! These contests also have let me know how creative my thoughts and vocab is! So its great to be participating here!This is a very unique but excellent fun and initiative by TGPC

Otniel Theodore Febrianto: Pretty Good…. The question are really great and exciting. I honestly prefer the kind of question that really represent the current event but I am still cool with the question you put for 10 weeks.

Rajkanya Baruah: The contest , like Pageant questions by TGPC is indeed an innovative and creative take on encouraging the people to participate in the TGPC activities and to give them a feel of how we pageant girls go through while in question answer round in a beauty pageant . A beauty queen is not emulated only for her beauty,wit,body and talent but also because of her personality, and I feel my personality comes out and expresses itself in the answers I give in the pageant questions contest , my words get an opportunity to connect my thoughts with the masses and in the process to reflect my true self through the opinions I put across the table. I appreciate TGPC for taking such an initiative , I wish them more success in this forte !

Ravina Ramdhanie: I tried to maintain an industrious lifestyle when it is usually busy and fortuitous as most beings. Patently, with the advancement of technology and social media, TGPC has taken advantage of giving meaning to the purpose of pageantry and those involved. These questions are not the perpetual questions asked in pageants but rather intuitive with true meaning of purpose in of life. It helps to reflect on the person you truly are. In training, I would even allow my girls to answer these questions. Thank You, TGPC

Sanjana Karkera: I love those questions! they give a lot of practice for pageants or interviews .Placing or winning gives you immense boost of confidence , that had helped me during school elections.I’d love them to continue forever. These questions highlights the ignored aspects of many worldly problems , so they improved my awareness a lot.I wish tgpc launches a real online pageant and actually crown the winner or upload certificates for them ,that would be really fun!😋👸.I wrote a lot I know but inshort I give 5 out of 5 stars to the contest👋.Thank you for such opportunities 😊

Simeon Singsit: TGPC always comes up with a brilliant idea to connect with its family. I take great delight in being a part of it. The Pageant Question activity is a dream come true for those who wanted to take part in pageant but couldn’t due to certain factors like gender issue, age, height etc 😂 Jokes apart It is a way to know people who will become your future FB. Friend and also know more about your friends who already are your friends. Full marks for your constant engagement through like this with your readers, well wishers and lastly TGPC family’s

Tanishq Verma: Thank you so much for having this question initiative. It really boosts our confidence and helps future pageant participants to know their flaws.

With this we introduce to you the pattern of the finale! We shall be having 3 questions-to be released on Sunday, May 8th.! The contestants will have to answer the questions within the deadline, i.e. May Wednesday, May 11, 11:59:59 pm IST. The judging will be done for all the three rounds. The rules are same as each of the 10 episodes. Cumulative result of the three rounds will lead to a final scoreboard which will be updated with the result of every question. The Grand finale is on Saturday: 14th of May, 2016. So Buckle up your seat belts guys! It’s going to be an adventurous ride! Good Luck :)