Kristína Činčurová is crowned Miss World Slovak Republic 2016

Miss Slovensko 2016 – Kristína Činčurová

Kristína Činčurová

(L-R) Michaela Meňkyová, Kristína Činčurová, Lenka Tekeljaková

Kristína Činčurová is chosen as Miss Slovensko 2016, which is same as Miss WOrld Slovak Republic 2016 on 29th April, 2016.  She will now represent Slovak Republic at Miss World 2016.  She succeeds Lujza Straková as Miss World Slovak Republic.  During the finals, Kristína Činčurová also won the titles of Miss Gosh 2016 and Miss Príjemný hlas 2016.  During the finals, Lenka Tekeljaková won Miss International Slovak Republic 2016 title and Michaela Meňkyová won Miss Supranational Slovak Republic 2016 title.

Slovak Republic has had a dismal record in pageants by far.  The only placement of the country in Miss World was achieved by Karolína Chomisteková in Miss World 2013.  She made it to the Top 20 finalists.  The only placement of the country in Miss International was achieved by Michaela Strahlová.  She was Top 15 in Miss International 2000.  In 1995, Jana Slúková won Miss Photogenic.  In Miss Supranational, Slovak Republic has placed twice.  The first placement was in debut year when Linda Mošatová made Top 15 in Miss Supranational 2009.  The second placement was achieved by Petra Denkova last year.  She was Top 10.  In Miss Universe, Silvia Lakatošová was Top 6 finalist in Miss Universe 1994.  In Miss Earth, Slovak Republic has placed twice.  First was in 2006 when Judita Hrubyová made it to Top 16.  Second was in 2014 when Dária Fabrici made Top 8.

Credits: Miss Slovensko Facebook