Riem El Kadiri of Morocco is Miss Teen International 2016

Miss Teen International: Riem El Kadiri of Morocco

Riem El Kadiri of Morocco is Miss Teen International 2016
Riem El Kadiri with her mother

Riem El Kadiri of Morocco has won the title of Miss Teen International 2016 by defeating 20 girls from different parts of the world.  The finals took place in Beirut, Lebanon.  Viewers from all around the world cast their votes through phone calls.  Riem is just 16.  She is from Marrakesh, Morocco.  Before moving there, she lived in Agadir.  She enjoys travelling and learning about different cultures and languages.  She speaks English, French and Arabic.  She likes theater and horse-back riding.  Since winning, she has been doing interviews, photo shoots, etc.  Four finalists were present in Beirut for the crowning.  Apart from Riem El Kadiri, girls from Ukraine, Venezuela and Iran were also present.

Riem El Kadiri has won a pageant with strong history.  The pageant started in 1993.  It allows girls in age-group 13-18  The purpose of the pageant was to motivate young women.  In this pageant, 60 % scoring is based on beauty and rest based on interview.  To be clear, there are three rounds: Fitness wear, evening wear and fun fashion wear.  There is no swimsuit competition.  Riem El Kadiri wore a gown by designer Earnest from Dubai.

Riem El Kadiri has a message for girls going through challenging times: “Some people only associate with a small circle of friends, which keeps them from taking advantage of new opportunities. Everyone needs to be open to meeting new people and participating in new activities. If you can, travel and meet new people. Don’t allow negative people to have power over you. Just believe in yourself and in your own talents. Associate with supportive, successful people, and you, too, can become a success.”

Morocco has not seen much success in international pageantry.  Perhaps Riem can try in major pageants like Miss Universe or Miss World some day.

Source: http://www.moroccoworldnews.com/