Exclusive interview with Mansi Kadian, World Teen Supermodel 2nd Runner-up

Mansi Kadian
Mansi Kadian on extreme left

Mansi Kadian, from India, was declared as 2nd runner-up in recently concluded World Teen Supermodel Pageant, held in South Africa. Mansi was previously elected as the winner of first ever national contest “World Supermodel India and World Teen Supermodel India‘ along with Marilyn Bothello. World Supermodel India is being organised by Yellow Umbrella, founded by Yogesh Aggarwal and lead by Sudha Subramaniam as the National Director for Indian Franchise. The organisation successfully conducted the pageant and was extremely well received by the global fans for making the selection of perfect winners, in fact TGPC also predicted the winners correctly.

Both the girls went to South Africa with their National Directors for the competition, however Marilyn had to rush back due to medical emergency. Mansi went on to compete as a single representative from the organisation and held the head high by placing in the Top 3. The future is bright for this girl as well as organisation for sure. Let’s have a look about how Mansi feels about this in an exclusive interview by TGPC.

1) How was the experience from winning World Teen Supermodel India title to winning 3rd spot at an international platform?

Mansi: The experience has been no less than a roller coaster ride, from finding it hard to believe that I had actually won the title and was soon to be called ‘India‘ everywhere, to have gone to a foreign land to chase my dreams and being appreciated for my hard work and dedication.

Mansi Kadian

2) How different experience was the pageant at national level to what you experienced at international level?

Mansi:At the national level, tasks went by so quickly and effortlessly that it seemed like  it all happened in the blink of an eye, whereas in the international pageant, we had to do things over and over to improve ourselves since we all had the huge responsibility of holding up the names of our respective nations.

3) Whom would you give credits for your success?

Mansi: Obviously, my family and friends who never ceased their support and prayers to ensure that I never felt insecure about myself or my preparation for the pageant.

4) What is next in line?

Mansi: I have seen that things never go as planned, but I would definitely want to set foot in the fashion industry for I have been enamoured by it for as long as I can remember.

5) How do you see yourself 5 years down the line?

Mansi: Five years down the line I definitely see myself more mature and experienced and a lot clearer about how to achieve my goals.

Mansi Kadian
Mansi Kadian with fellow contestants of World Supermodel 2016
6) How is Mansi in person?

Mansi: Mansi in person is clumsy beyond explanation, to be honest. I also find myself to be a very grounded person especially when it concerns my near and dear ones. I have been told that I look very stern and serious but I actually am just very silly and laugh on the smallest of things.

7) You were one of the major favourite of TGPC Community members for the crown, how did it feel?

Mansi: It definitely felt good! I had been following TGPC for every other pageant/fashion update for a very long time now. I used to read all the articles written by the team to enhance my knowledge about the industry as much as I could and therefore seeing myself being their hot pick felt immensely exhilarating!

8) Who mentored you for the preparations of World Supermodel Pageant?

Mansi: To be truthful I only had my family members and a few close friends helping me out through the entire spectrum starting from the wardrobe to my expressions, from my interview to my poses. And of course due credits also go to TGPC for very handy and useful information, videos etc that helped me during my prep.

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9) So did your parents agree for a pet now? 😉 

Mansi: Hahaha, unfortunately the only reason why I can’t have a pet is my mom being allergic to them. Had she not, I probably would have had my own very wildlife sanctuary! 😉

10) Any message for TGPC Fans?

Mansi: The only message I’d like to give them is to continue doing what they do, be it supporting their favourites like crazy or pointing out mistakes, for I think their opinion and pointers only help me and other aspirants to see different and unique versions of our performance.

Credits: Yellow Umbrella Services