Femina Miss India 2016: Top 10 Stunner in Swimsuit Photoshoot

Femina Miss India 2016 revealed all their 21 contestants in their fabulous avatar during their photo shoot in Swimsuit. While many front runners failed to impress due to bad delivery, many under hyped contestants over powered the photo-shoot. Here we pick 10 of our favourite pictures which we felt were the best 10 shots of this year in Swimsuit. The main factor that we have kept in mind while analysing the girls were the delivery in front of camera, overall beauty of the picture and X-factor of the contestant. While we were not looking here for the best body, we did try to consider the body frame while picking our choices.

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10: Dnyanda Shringarpure

Dnyanda Shringarpure in Swimsuit
Dnyanda Shringarpure

 The facial beauty of Dnyanda Shringarpure is a treat to watch in a Swimsuit. That side stare with a nicely done hair style, jewelled with perfect accessories to complement her Swimsuit colour grabs an instant attention. She is raw yet extremely pretty.

9: Gayathri Reddy

Gayathri Reddy in Swimsuit
Gayathri Reddy

Gayathri Reddy is a darling, a black barbie of this pageant. We love her skin tone which perfectly fits her into the mould of a supermodel, she was a little taller. When we considered the over all feel-good factor of this pick, Gayathri nailed it without much efforts.

8: Niharika Anand

Niharika Anand in Swimsuit
Niharika Anand

Nikarika Anand reminds me a lot of Vanya Mishra who was a doppleganger of Chitrangada Sen. However, Niharika is a finer version who is raw but could be groomed into a beautiful representative. Golden bikini with golden jewellery just adds up to the perfection in this picture.

7: Sushruti Krishna

Sushruthi Krishna in Swimsuit
Sushruthi Krishna

Sushruti Krishna is one of the major front runners of the pageant whom we were expecting to deliver more. However, she did manage to grab our attention in spite of the bit awkward pose. Her picture gives us latin vibes and her tall frame is another edge she has here.

6: Vaishnavi Patwardhan

Vaishnavi Patwardhan in Swimsuit
Vaishnavi Patwardhan

Vaishnavi Patwardhan gives a new definition to ‘Effortlessly Beautiful’ in this picture. If Julia Morley were to pick her winner, we are sure Vaishnavi would be one of her Top picks. This girl is very fresh and young and extremely eye catchy due to her bubbly personality. We won’t be shocked to see her doing very well in finale.

4th Runner-up: Adya Niraj

Adya Niraj in Swimsuit
Adya Niraj

Although Adya’s body was a bit untoned, we couldn’t stop adoring her swimsuit picture. The queen of chains with fluorescent sky blue bikini shines like anything. She looks younger version of Megan Young, Miss World 2013. We really wonder how Julia would react on seeing Adya Niraj.

3rd Runner-Up: Aradhana Buragohain

Aradhana Buragohain in Swimsuit
Aradhana Buragohain

Aradhana Buragohain was never under our radar till the time we saw this swimsuit pic of her. Only if her belly region was little more toned, she could have given other girls a run for the money in this round. She looks like one of those Miss Mexico who are trained well to pose. We love her jawline <3

2nd Runner-Up: Rajkanya Baruah

Rajkanya Baruah in Swimsuit
Rajkanya Baruah

Rajkanya Baruah is no surprise in Top 3 of Swimsuit pictures of Femina Miss India 2016. In fact we have a gut feel that she might just win Best Body subtitle this year. Her extremely polished skills of facing camera gives her an instant edge in this round. Golden bikini on her dusky skin tone has given this picture an extra point.

1st Runner-Up: Priyadarshini Chatterjee

Priyadarshini Chatterjee in Swimsuit
Priyadarshini Chatterjee

Priyadarshini Chatterjee proves that elegance still rule the roster. What a lovely face to watch and what a lovely shot she has just given here.The picture defines the simplicity and class at the same time. We won’t be shocked to see her walking away with the main crown in the finale of Femina Miss India 2016. Will the crown go back to Delhi for 3rd time in a row?

Winner: Sanjana GL

Sanjana GL in Swimsuit
Sanjana GL

We became the fan of Sanjana GL when we saw her walking down the ramp during audition, those AWESOME catwalk skills..!!! Never did we know that this girl will again make us her fan at Swimsuit photoshoot. When we saw her picture, the only thought that came to our mind was ‘And the competition ends here’. The picture has killer stance and hotness factor which can any day be a part of Top 5 picks in international pageants like Miss Universe as well. We would be glad to see how well she does in the finale this year.

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Picture Credits: Femina Miss India Organisation.