Stunner: Stephanie Del Valle is Miss World Puerto Rico 2016

Stephanie Del Valle

Miss Toa Baja, Stephanie Del Valle was crowned as Miss World Puerto Rico 2016 in presence of Mireia Lalaguna, Miss World 2015.  This is her first beauty pageant.  She is a 1st year student in New York city.  She travelled to Puerto Rico for three days just to be a part of the contest.  Stephanie has a deep interest in art.  She likes music, painting and fashion.  She loves the beach.

Stephanie Del Valle will now be representing the island country at Miss World 2016.  Puerto Rico has been competing since 1970.  They won their first crown in 1970 with Wilnelia Merced Cruz.  They also placed as 2nd runner-up twice with  Ingrid María Rivera Santos in Miss World 2005 and Amanda Victoria Vilanova Perez in 2011.  Keysi Marie Vargas Velez represented the country in Miss World 2015, but she could not achieve a placement.  She was teary-eyed during her farewell walk in Miss World Puerto Rico 2016 finals.

Stephanie Del Valle has to be considered a strong contestant for Miss World 2016.  Puerto Rican beauties are always well-prepared at their international pageants.  Stephanie is naturally beautiful and has a great body.  She comes across as sweet and likable. If she plays her cards well, she can achieve a high placement for her country in Miss World.