Pageant Questions Season 2, Episode 3 [Results]

This Episode of TGPC Pageant Questions was really amazing. There were a total of 32 entries, so we decided to have a Top 7 this week 🙂 The question was

Pageant Questions

Winner: Chinkey Saini

As I gained conscious over what life was all about I was bound to live each day enthusiastically. The goal is to die with memories, not dreams. Apart from my birthday if I had to choose one day that I cherish the most then it has to be our Independence day. With all sorts of freedom in hand we can portray our ideas, rebel, work and equality. Independence day makes us realise the worth of this little word jotted in our Constitution. Shaping our lives silently, this day is a celebration indeed. Let’s not count on it just as a holiday or parade. It got a better definition. It involves your present, it justifies you

1st Runner-up: Simeon Singsit

There are so many occasions and festivals in a year that I celebrate which are all about celebrating life, being thankful to God for the blessings, achieving something in life etc., but one thing that makes me the happiest irrespective of the months, year or day is when I get to see my family even if it is only just one member of the family because we all stay in different parts of India and sometimes it’s difficult to go home altogether. So, even if I meet only my brother or sister or Dad or Mom, be it at home or anywhere, it means a lot to us. That makes us happy and we learn to value each time we spend together and be strong when we go back to our respective cities for there will always be another time.

2nd-Runner-up: Ariangel Isshiika

I have never really given it a thought but since you asked, it intrigued me. To be very honest i don’t wait for a particular day in a year. But this year is an exception considering the kind of love and adulation i got on teacher’s day eve. Students calling over phone pouring their love, getting you cards, gifts, handmade portraits, messages; wow it was unreal. Literally swept me off my feet and felt like a celebrity. It seems like you getting your real salary and gives you a reason to love your job and influences to do quality work to receive the same every time. I mean who doesn’t want to be loved, i surely do. So i will be waiting. Thank you

3rd Runner-up: Ravina Kapoor

As a young child growing up, I became depressed after losing a valued family member. I had attempted suicide on many occasion throughout the years into my teenage years. Then I found God! I realized I must endeavour to find the divine self within in order to bring into expression and wisely use the inner spiritual and mental forces to live a life of boundless power. I don’t celebrate birthdays but I celebrate life each and every day- giving thanks to the Creator. Not too many are fortunate! Each year, I look forward to Miss World which has always been a family tradition even before I was born. It has helped me cope with the death than other forms of therapy. Thank you Miss World, for giving HOPE! Thank you for Empowering women and thank you for inspiring us all! Beauty with a Purpose will live on. XieXie

4th Runner-up: Sonia Agnihotri

9th November, the day that added new meaning to my life, the day I got a new member added to my family, my dog… be it be a tiresome or a irritating day , a lick or a kiss by my dog adds exuberance to my body and perennial joy to my senses. On this day, I make sure to take the wounded stray dogs to vat and get them treated….here I would love to add that animals though mute, teach us what loving is all about, we should also shower our love on them

5th Runner-up: Rimzenith Tamang

Christmas is the day which makes my heart to wait eagerly for it other than my birthday. It is the time when everything seems so magical . It is the day when I can let out the child within me. It makes me nostalgic to think about good old times when we used to wait curiously for Santa , praying for snowfall , tonnes of gift and of course chocolates. Time has changed now our preferences has also changed, but still Christmas is the time which makes me little childish again and I can feel the warmth of my family and friends even more. It is the time which teaches me the meaning of togetherness,unconditional love and not to forget that little child within our heart who dreams of achieving what we grownups think is impossible….. 🙂 Thank you

6th Runner-up: Aksha Chanda

One day i await the most apart from my birthday is my parents’ marriage anniversary. It’s the one day it’s all about them. Me and my sister would plan the day well in advance, and the look on their faces when they see the surprize is worth more than any jewel. It’s the only day they forget about their kids and enjoy the years of togetherness they spent together. The years we spent as a family. I value the day more than my birthday. Love you mom and dad

Congratulations to the winners!