Pageant Questions Season 2, Episode 2 [Results]

Thank you all for the amazing response to this series Pageant Questions Season 2! Episode 2 was fun and the judges had a hard time picking their top 5. Nevertheless, all the answers were really good and we appreciate that we have such wonderful and eloquent fans across the globe.

The question was:

Pageant Questions

The results, in the reverse order, are as follows:

4th Runner Up-Rimzenith Tamang (7 points)

I think if people can adjust to any kind of challenge they face in their relationship, and if they have the ability to forgive each other no matter how hard it is, then nothing can break the core of their relation. The moment they stop believing in their love and become victim of their circumstances then it’s very hard to rekindle the spark they had for each other. Being a judge, if there are no serious issues like physical or mental abuses, and cheating I would definitely give them few days to rethink and fix the things which they ignored at the first place, as divorce can cause immense trauma on children, even after this if they want to separate then I would respect their decision and give equal share of responsibility for their children

3rd Runner Up-Shruti Nair (10 points)

While my verdict would differ on every situation based on the severity and the real reason behind ending a bond living up to facing all the phases of life together and thrive through the bumpy tides of life, the good and the bad, I strongly believe marriages are real life fairytale happy endings and the beginning of a strong bond, a union of two families and belief for us future aspirants to transit into this beautiful and magical phase of togetherness. They never remember the obstacles you’ve faced but how they overcame those and grew stronger as a couple and that’s the beauty of it all. Why give up on something so magical.

2nd Runner Ups (Tied at 11 points each)- Kartik Behl and Ravina Kapoor

Kartik Behl It’s been five years since i got married and i relish every bit of it. Happiness comes from within. When you get married you make several promises to your better half at d holy pyre which goes for a toss for numerous reasons. As a judge, i would ask these said couples to remember those promises and give each other a second chance. I would also ask them to relive those memories that they created in all those years when they were together. I am sure post dis phase many couples will be back. For those who still don’t want to be together i would grant them divorce. If they have off springs i would share equal responsibility between the couple coz for kids both the parents are equally pivotal. Thank u

Ravina Kapoor As a practicing Christian, and one with conservative values, Divorce is the last remedy to seek! Many of times, relationships do vanish because there is no established foundation of stance. Before anyone enters a relationship, they should have solid grounds on their worth and common interest- one of the main reasons I do object to traditional arranged marriages. In the book of Malachi (Bible) our Father said he hates divorce but elsewhere in the Holy Book two (2) justifications for divorce are sexual immorality and abandonment by an unbeliever even then the Bible doesn’t encourage divorce. Confession, forgiveness, reconciliation, and restoration are some of the first steps. Divorce should only be viewed as a last alternative. As a law student, I do know that many verdicts globally can either be by the jury or a judge. I do respect the law and will irrefutably abide by the laws even though it is against my religion or denomination. But if I have to give a verdict, I will approve both parties to seek counselling. One of the greatest man of our times, Mr. Donald Trump stated that before entering into a relationship both must want the same things – now let us take that into consideration! Thank you

1st Runner Up: Djennicia Francis (13 points)

To me marriage is very sacred and meticulousness when choosing a spouse is required and the thought of divorce removed. The problem to me is that people appear to enter into marriage with the failsafe notion “well if it doesn’t work out I could just get a divorce.” However if in one’s mind a spouse is for life, I believe that they’d make wiser mate decisions. But many people don’t view marriage the way I do, some have personal issues, others may even lack the capacity to comprehend the immensity of matrimony and consequently get themselves in trouble.  As a judge dealing with couples seeking divorce I must take all of that into consideration. Individual and couples counseling will be ordered to get as much information as possible on each case. Cases involving domestic violence, child abuse etc. will be handled differently; admittedly I am very likely to sign off on divorce under those circumstances. For less sever situations, for court visits the couples must each present all the things they love about one another; the things that opens their souls to each other. Coupled with the assessment and assignments of therapy, I would hope that the couples will be more willing to attempt to patch things up.

Winner: Rajkanya Baruah (14 points)

The fragility of long term relationships and separation is a common scenario nowadays. The bitter truth that people choose to part ways rather than mending the shortcomings is the root cause of all broken relationships. A relationship I feel is built over three very important aspects: mutual trust, respect and love. If all three of these have been jeopardized, the relationship is at stake. Being a judge ,in the trial I would check if there’s trust, love and respect alive between them, they can opt for counseling because if either of the three aspects is there, the rest will follow; if not, than parting ways peacefully is the best solution rather than being a slow poison to each other. Former or the latter, either way the couple deserves the second chance; in the relationship or out of the relationship.