Miss South Africa 2016 Crown is the Grandest Pageant Crown ever

Miss South Africa 2016 Crown

Miss South Africa organisation recently revealed the new crown that will be presented to the winner of Miss South Africa 2016 and we are going all the gaga over it. We had Miss World crown as one of our favourite crowns but Miss South Africa came up with such a great concept and design that nothing in the pageantry beats it. The design has resemblance to Miss World crown in basics but the stones and gems used looks so precious that it mesmerized us for hours.. 😉

Miss South Africa 2016 Crown
Engraving of past winners names

Miss South Africa 2016 Crown is specially crafted by Jack Friedman Jewellers. The key feature of the crown is that it has an infinity sign to symbolise the enormity and ongoing nature of Miss South Africa’s role. The most unique (and our favourite) feature of this crown is that the designer has engraved 59 names of the previous winners on enhle of the crown. This has never happened in pageantry before and we just love this fact like anything. Who do you think will be that lucky girl to wear the Miss South Africa 2016 Crown?

Miss South Africa 2016 Crown Pictures