Pageant Questions – Season 2, Episode 1 [Results]

The Pageant Questions from TGPC is back with a bang. Season 1 of Pageant Questions witnessed wonderful response from the audience. We hope that Season 2 garners more appreciation from the fans and pageant aspirants alike. This series is aimed at providing the pageant aspirants and fans a unique platform to share their thoughts and opinions and learn from each other. Indian beauty queens have always been full of intellect, a proven fact as we all know it is! Those days, as the ND of Times Group once quoted that we don’t find the girls, We make them! But in the current scenario, girls need to groom themselves fully well before they enter the audition halls. So this platform is aimed at providing them a unique way to hone their literary skills and improve their eloquency! Episode 1 question was:
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There was a wonderful response from the audience. The Top 5 were chosen by the judging panel given as under:

Winner: Adney Gonçalves

His winning Answer: In our society there is a wrong notion suggesting that Valentine’s day is a celebration of love between two unmarried individuals. This perception however leads to a fear that they would do forbidden things which go against religion. Quoting the Bible here “Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres”. It does not matter if any country decides to ban Valentine’s day, ppl are still going to love each other.
Congratulations Adney Gonçalves

1st Runner Up: Kamartaj Pathan

Her Answer: Indonesia is a strictly Muslim Country where Islam is followed. Being a Muslim myself ,I have understood about my religion is that we practice the tenets of Islam where we can’t follow or encourage expressions of love before marriage as it is prohibited. Now,as we all know every person has the right to expression in our country but even here we can see some people oppose Valentine’s in the name of cultural values. So I personally feel that nothing can be imposed on any one unless they wish to follow it. We have enough followers. The disbelievers in Valentine Day mean us no harm. Its fair enough if Indonesians don’t celebrate.
Congratulations Kamartaj Pathan

2nd Runner Up: Juan Spain

His Answer: Greetings Everyone. Love is epitome of Beauty, It’s the Beauty of Heart. Its orated that Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and I have that beauty of heart lying in my views too. I perceive the Glass half full in favor of Indonesian Government as they have evicted the day and not the emotion Which intelligibly unveils their Culture (The Real Valentine of a Nation Indeed) as their Absolute Valentine. Salam Pembuka Indonesia. Thank You
Congratulations Juan Spain

3rd Runner Up: Aman Singh

His Answer: The Version of Valentines day we normally see is very Commercial and Market Oriented, Putting a ban On Valentine day celebration, Indonesia attempted to save their people from being subject to a celebration which is brought to limelight by marketing geniuses, they (Indonesia) vouched for protection of their culture from inclination to the narrow celebration of love on a particular day. love has no barriers but at the same time a private feeling of two souls which can be celebrated on any day rather every single day of the year. I am sure Indonesian government won’t Mind if two people are enjoying times together any day than just showing the market induced love on a particular day.
Congratulations Aman Singh

4th Runner Up: Rimzenith Tamang

Her answer: If there is a love and respect in our heart then everyday is a Valentine’s day, we all know this, and also found that since time immemorial, love is beyond any culture and religion. Personally I think if you want to progress you must always change with time by taking good things with you and ignore the negativity , I respect their culture but the acceptance of a change is the greatest virtue of life.
Congratulations Rimzenith

See you all in the next episode!