Diana Hayden’s Child-Birth Story: She sets an example again.

Diana HaydenRecently Miss World 1997 Diana Hayden gave birth to a lovely daughter whom she and her husband Collin Dick have named Arya.  Diana Hayden caused a lot of surprise in India when she won Miss World title in 1997.  Of course, she is beautiful and smart; but no one expected the Miss World title to come back to India so soon.  Aishwarya Rai had won it just few years ago.  Against everyone’s expectation, Diana won and worked with Miss World Organization a lot longer than most other winners do.  It is said that she had prepared her winning speeches before the finals.  How confident!  Like then, Diana Hayden has set an example yet again in a really unique and unexpected way.  Giving birth is always a very special experience for every couple.  But the case of Diana Hayden and Collin Dick is extra-ordinarily special.

Years ago Diana Hayden had read about the technique of freezing eggs.  It was used for patients who are suffering from cancer so that they can conceive once they recover.  It was a very new technology but Diana decided to give it a shot.  Her reason for doing this was quite different.  She was 32 then and had no plans to marry soon.  Her family was supportive of her decision.  She wanted to fall in love before she got married.  She also wanted to focus on her career.  So she decided to freeze her eggs!  Everyone who came to know this was shocked.  But Diana went ahead with her decision.  Years later, she met Collin Dick and they got married.  When they decided to have a family, Diana Hayden realized that due to some medical condition, it can be difficult for her to conceive in the natural way.  And then she remembered the frozen eggs!  Things worked out and now they have the cutest girl in the world as their daughter.

Thus, Diana Hayden’s case is one of those rare ones where a person used the egg-freezing technique for lifestyle reasons.  Smart move, lady!

Credits: India Today & Diana’s Facebook