[Exclusive] Hotpicks for World Supermodel India 2016

World Supermodel India 2016 shall conclude tonight with 16 stunner competing for 2 titles- World Supermodel India 2016 and World Supermodel India Teen 2016. Both of these girls shall represent India in World Supermodel 2016 and World Supermodel Teen 2016. Although all the 16 girls have been worthy enough to be a part of final cut, there were few girls who were noticed very well by our panel of experts who got impressed by these girls through various medium, like Pictures, Video Interviews and their social interaction on Social media. Our panel picked Top 5 for World Supermodel India 2016 and Top 3 for World Supermodel India Teen 2016. Let’s have a look who are they:

Hotpicks for World Supermodel India 2016

Hotpicks for World Supermodel India 2016Winner: Marilyn Bothello is one of the hottest contestants of this pageant. Her video interview was extremely cute where she managed to take her own video which was extremely genuine. Marilyn doesn’t look rehearsed and that is her strongest point in the contest. She is  our winner for the finale.

1st Runner-Up: This girl is the most consistent on our score board, be it social engagement, be it video interview of be it pictures. What we love about Rameshwari Padal is that she has taken genuine efforts to gather masses to support. We are also sure she would be having a good fund collected for BWAP as her social media engagement was very powerful. She also have good qualities to make a good winner.

2nd Runner-up: Rhea Bari had one of the most well made video interviews from the bunch. She is pretty and she has hell lot of supporters backing her up on Facebook. We are sure she is grabbing the title of Digital Diva. Her video interview was also eloquent which makes her a front-runner for us.

3rd Runner-up: Sneha Jagiasi is the face of this pageant. When it comes to only facial beauty, she can slaughter the competition like no one else. She also has an international exposure, so this might be her edge over other girls. The only concern we have about her is that she was not seen much on social media.

4th Runner-up: Sufiya Siddiqui is another one of the most beautiful faces of the pageant. She is good to go in Top 5, depending upon other scores as well. She is also well spoken and well poised.

Bubbling Up: Ashita Dias

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World Supermodel India Teen 2016

Hotpicks for World Supermodel India 2016

Winner: Mansi Kadian is the girl who has perfect modelesque face and features. She was the most well spoken out of all the teenagers in our opinion. With a small amount of grooming and styling, we feel she will be a bang on. We won’t even mind her competing in the World Supermodel pageant someday as she has all those qualities that is required to be the next supermodel.

1st Runner-up: Sangeetha Sangi had one of the best portfolio pictures. She was also very calm and eloquent during her web interview. She also seems to be very chirpy and cheerful in person. We feel the competition could be between Mansi and Sangeetha for the teen crown.

2nd Runner-up: Manshweta Kuniyal is one of the prettiest girls of the batch. If the insider source is to be believed, Manshweta looks the most beautiful without make-up. Manshweta also have put in a lot of efforts to work Beauty With a Purpose and we  are sure this will take her to good places in the finale.

Bubbling Up: Summer Jacobs

These are our picks for the finale. However, the final result will not have any input from this prediction. We shall review our efficiency of prediction in post finale review. Meanwhile, visit us at 8 PM tonight to see who has won TGPC’s Miss Personality award. Also, you may follow us on our official Facebook page for Live updates from the pageant.