POLL: Urvashi Rautela v/s Noyonita Lodh [VOTE NOW]


When Urvashi Rautela failed to make the Top 15 in Miss Universe 2015, Noyonita Lodh tweeted her saying how shocked she was about this.  However, the way she put the tweet, many fans found it more of sarcasm or mockery.  What it really was, we don’t know!  But yes, the tweet did trigger discussion among fans – who is better, Urvashi Rautela or Noyonita Lodh?

In opinion of our experts, Urvashi Rautela excels over Noyonita Lodh in terms of physical beauty.  She has a prettier face and a better body.  Her height and glowing skin made her a standout.  She was energetic in terms of presence during Miss Universe.  Noyonita Lodh outshines Urvashi Rautela in terms of personality.  She comes across more confident and composed.  Her confidence was evident in Miss Diva contest.  At one point, a judge during swimsuit competition asked her what she would like to change about herself.  Her reply was a frank “I really like myself a lot”.  Also, one cannot ignore the fact that Noyonita Lodh is the one among the two who placed in Miss Universe.  Her in general attitude and confidence is what brought her the success perhaps.

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Last week we asked you to pick one from Miss World 2013 Megan Young and Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach.  Pia won the battle with 59 % votes.  This week we ask you to pick between Urvashi Rautela and Noyonita Lodh.  The voting will be open until 7th February 2016.

Update (07-Feb-2016): Noyonita Lodh wins the poll with 55 % votes.

Images: Miss Universe