POLL: Pia Wurtzbach v/s Megan Young [VOTE]

Megan Young v/s Pia Wurtzbach

POLL: Pia Wurtzbach v/s Megan Young [VOTE]

So yesterday Pia Wurtzbach had the time of her life in the homecoming parade in Manila, Philippines.  The schools and offices in the city were not working and millions of people attended the event.  It was perhaps the grandest homecoming parade a beauty queen has ever received.  In fact it overshadowed the homecoming parade of Miss World 2013 Megan Young.  She is the first Miss World from Philippines, but everyone knows how Miss Universe is way more popular there.  So now one obvious question that came in some of the minds is – Who is better among the two beauty pageant sensations of the Philippines, Megan Young or Pia Wurtzbach?

Megan Young has a strong case of course.  She was the first Miss World from the Philippines.  A big name even before joining her national pageant, Megan Young was a favorite for Miss World title from day 1.  She impressed everyone in Miss World with her strong performance in Beach Beauty event, but she left no choice with anyone to not take her seriously by winning the Top Model round.  In the finals, she was elegant and poised.  May it be her look or her moves, her words or her smile – Megan Young was a clear standout.  It was no surprise when she was announced as Miss World 2013 by Ms. Julia Morley.  She had a fabulous reign visiting numerous countries and doing great work under the aegis of “Beauty with a purpose“.  In Miss World 2014, she turned out to be a fabulous host and has been active even after her reign ended.  To us, she is the Filipino equivalent of India’s Priyanka Chopra – commercial, confident and ambitious.  She will go down in the history as one of the best Miss World winners ever.

POLL: Pia Wurtzbach v/s Megan Young [VOTE]
An old picture which shows Pia and Megan in one frame.

Pia Wurtzbach is a friend of Megan Young.  She won Binibining Pilipinas on her third try.  It was clear to us that she is the best BBP winner in recent years.  Her strong point was her facial beauty.  In months to come after winning BBP, she worked on herself with a lot of focus and determination.  Results?  She became lean and highly polished.  Her walk, her pose, her smile, her ‘smize’, her stares, her styling, her stage presence, her interview skills – everything was upgraded.  Pia that we saw in Miss Universe was way superior to the girl in BBP.  She was outstanding in presentation show and finals.  Her answers were impressive and more impressive was her humble demeanor when she realized that her runner-up was in pain and she gravitated towards her instead of enjoying her victory.  When we talk about Pia, we have to include her hard-work, focus, ambition and strength in the story.

Choosing one from the two is a herculean task.  Both girls are at par in terms of beauty and personality.  Megan Young has a slight edge because of the commercial quality in her overall personality, while Pia’s success story is more inspirational.  We will not waste our time in figuring out the answer to this difficult question.  We leave it on you!  The voting will be possible until 31st January 2016.  Let us see who wins the poll!  Of course, both are real big winners in their lives.

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Let us know your choice among the two in the comments.  We look forward to read from you all!

Update: Pia Wurtzbach wins the poll with 59 % votes! (31/01/2016)

Image Credits: Twitter