Why did Urvashi Rautela go unplaced at Miss Universe 2015?

The saga of Miss Universe 2015 controversial announcement and crowning has taken never-ending turns till date that all we see everyday is about Pia and Ariadna’s news. However, the pageant surely garnered some very good amount of publicity that it has almost doubled their Facebook Page likes. Never mind, all we wish to discuss today is that there is always a girl in every pageant whom fans tag as “Only if She was there”. For Miss Universe, we had two girls topping our chart. They were Huong Pham from Vietnam and Urvashi Rautela from India. While the only reason we can think off for Vietnam for non placement is Weaker sash, we have come across multiple points from various online forums and portal about what all could be the probable reasons that Urvashi Rautela, who was one of the most famous contestants to ever grace any pageantry. These reasons are as follow:

Miss Universe 2015 Preliminary Evening Gown
  1. Outdated Fashion and Styling: Many fans pointed out that the wardrobe that Urvashi carried were nothing compared to what she wore in multiple events in India. Also, her styling had a huge issue from the beginning, her make up was too loud at times that she looked 10 years older than she really was. We wish her grooming expert had worked a little more on her make-up tips. While we loved her swimsuit performance, we could not see her for very long during her  Evening Gown presentation. Her gown was a huge disappointment and adding to that, the over make up made her look a little over the top. The only saving grace was her performance and charm.
  2. Diva Attitude: Many complaint that Urvashi Rautela was not as friendly with everyone. Most of the times she was with Miss Colombia and few Latinas or the major front runners of the contest. Many even called her as ‘Latina Wannabe’. We are not very sure on how true this fact is but as far as we know, Urvashi knows how to play her card well. She is after all a very smart woman, she might not have been friendly with everyone, but we are also sure that she was not disrespectful to anyone. After all, not everyone could be friends with everyone, right?
  3. Too much Bragging of Fame: Now this is also our personal observation, apart from Fans’ opinion, that she bragged too much about her star status. Every local or national article you read would quote her as an established actress Urvashi Rautela rather than Miss India. Salman calling her best Miss Universe India, She getting offers from Game of Thrones, Sean being excited about performing with Urvashi, wasn’t all these too much? I mean for news sake it’s ok, but too much of talks and discussion about this made it lose the essence.
  4. Fake Accent and Weak Communication: There were few videos of Urvashi from Miss Universe 2015 days where she was giving messages/interviews for fans, many thought that whatever answers she was giving look bit plastic and the accent was not her real accent. We do agree with that partly because we have heard her speak normally and she doesn’t speak like the way she spoke in few of the interviews out there.

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Although, all of these could be true or just rumours, we still don’t deny the fact that she could have done very well in the finale if she was placed among the Top 15 delegates. What do you think?