Was Pia Wurtzbach a good choice for Miss Universe 2015 title?

Pia Wurtzbach as Miss Universe: A good choice?

pia wurtzbach

Ladies and Gentleman!  Welcome to the La-La-Land.  Girl touted as the catwalk queen of presentation show (Vietnam) misses the cut.  The girl whose body is considered best by former Miss USA and pageant coach Shandi Finnessey misses the Top 10 cut.  The girl who is often compared to Miss World Rolene Strauss (Clarissa Molina) misses the Top 5 cut.  And if this was not enough, the host, with a rich experience in the work he was doing that night, makes a mistake in announcing the results!  Anyways, all is well that ends well.  Wait, everything hasn’t really ended well for all concerned.  But yes, one face should for sure be happy – the new Miss Universe, Miss Pia Wurtzbach of the Philippines.  Now, perfection lies in perception and judgements on beauty are often subjective.  So there is really not much worth in debating whether she was the BEST choice for Miss Universe title.  But yes, was she at least a GOOD choice if not the best?

pia wurtzbach

First reason we give a nod to the question is simply because Pia has really worked on this dream of hers and the whole world has seen this.  She has been trying for her national pageant since long time.  She won it on her third try and totally dedicated herself towards the Miss Universe pageant then.  She transformed herself in terms of physique and her excellent grooming was easily visible in the presentation show and the finals.  The finesse in her walk, postures and expressions said it all.  She was our prediction for Top 5 spot and lived up to the expectations, after amazing performance in the presentation show.  She was good in the swimsuit and evening gown rounds, but she totally nailed the last two rounds.  She was the only girl in Top 3 to speak about HIV issue and bring up Miss Universe’s motto in her answer.  In terms of content, it was the best answer.  Even after being crowned, Pia was very humble and went to Miss Colombia before taking her walk.  This girl is full of virtues!

Another reason we think why she is a good choice for Miss Universe title is that because the Philippines deserves a success like this.  The pinoys are the biggest pageant fans in the world.  They support their girls with a lot of passion.  With a strong delegate like Pia Wurtzbach, they just had to get their share of the pie and relish it.

Thus, we feel Pia Wurtzbach is a good choice for he Miss Universe title.  This sweet-looking and humble girl will be a good representative for the Miss Universe organization and will perform her tasks with utmost sincerity and dedication.

Images: Miss Universe