Miss Universe 2015 Glamshots by Fadil Berisha: Top 10 Picks

Miss Universe 2015 is getting more and more exciting day by day where we are seeing more and more of the contestants. Recently, Miss Universe 2015 Glamshots by Fadil Berisha were released. We must say, as usual, the guy nailed the photography. He took the angelic feel to all together to a different level. Our team went through all the pictures and narrowed down to the final 10 who made a strong impact. It wasn’t difficult task to reduce to Top 25 but to select mere 10 out of them was hell lot of difficult task for sure. Let’s see who all made it to Top 10 of Miss Universe 2015 Glamshots picked by our experts.

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Top 10 Choices of Miss Universe 2015 Glamshots by Fadil Berisha


10th Position: Colombia

Miss Universe 2015 Glamshots by Fadils

Ariadna is from defending region as she will be trying to retain the crown of Miss Universe for her country. Given her confidence and strong personality, it was expected from her that she will nail this shot. The golden colour so suits her skin that she looks like a golden mermaid in this shot.

9th Position: Philippines

Miss Universe 2015 Glamshots by Fadils

Killer is her first name, Pia is second. We totally loved the killer stance of Pia in this regal shot. Blue colour screams royalty in on her skin and those messy wet hair adds seduction factor onto her. This girl definitely knows what charms on camera.

8th Position: India

Miss Universe 2015 Glamshots by Fadils

The queen from India again conquered the hearts by her stunning appearance as a Casino Lady..!! It’s not much hard to understand that this girl understands the Camera so well that even her poses look as if she gave it naturally. Urvashi’s angelic beauty and impeccable presence will take her far in the competition.

7th Position: Paraguay

Miss Universe 2015 Glamshots by Fadils

Look at that body..!!! She is another girl who knows how to seduce her audience. The white gown settles well with her calm and regal personality. Definitely one girl to watch out in the preliminary.

6th Position: Brazil

Miss Universe 2015 Glamshots by Fadils

Those eyes can mesmerise me right away, right now. This is by far the best photo shoot I have seen of Marthina. Loved the regal feel of blue gown with those sparkling eyes. She has exceeded our expectations here and  we now consider her as one of the major contenders in the competition.

5th Position: France

Miss Universe 2015 Glamshots by Fadils

France gives us a feel of classy queen. Her tanned skin combined with light blue gown makes a deadly combo which has elements of cuteness, bubbliness and undeniable beauty. We are sure she will put back France back on map high.

4th Position: Belgium

Miss Universe 2015 Glamshots by Fadils

This girl killed me right away I saw her portrait that I couldn’t ignore her from Top 5 of Miss Universe 2015 Glamshots. She is one of those girls who surprises everyone in the middle of the contest, All you can see in her glamshot is sheer innocence and a mysterious beauty. Although her Sash is weak, I would love to see her making to Top 15.

3rd Position: Thailand

Miss Universe 2015 Glamshots by Fadils

Our team is still waiting for a moment when Thailand will fail to impress us, well we believe we will have to wait forever.!!! This girl is not your regular contestant that we see from Asia generally, she knows she is here to win and she will make every possible efforts of her to win it. She can gracefully star in any high-class magazine’s cover page.

2nd Position: Venezuela

Miss Universe 2015 Glamshots by Fadil

Ahhh..!! You can’t expect Venezuela to show anything less than a winning Pose when it comes to photoshoot..!! She killed it even with a back stance, imagine if she was posing front? 😉 Mariana is a a gem of this shoot and this is proven by the positive feedbacks she has got from fans for this Glamshot.

Winner: USA

Miss Universe 2015 Glamshots by Fadil

Don’t cry foul if this another Olivia wins in Las Vegas again…!! The competition ended for us the moment we saw this shot of Olivia. Her experience is helping her a lot and it’s quite visible in this shot. With her matured personality, rock solid confidence and stunning performance, she will be bang on in the prelim and in the finale. She is one of the top 3 for us at the moment.

Few other girls who caught our instant attention: Albania, Angola, Argentina, Australia, Bahamas, Curacao, Georgia, Haiti, Jamaica, Kosovo, Spain, Tanzania, Vietnam.

Miss Universe 2015 Glamshots


Credits: Miss Universe