Miss Universe 2015 Swimsuit Photos: Top 10 Picks

Miss Universe 2015 Swimsuit Photos: Top 10 Picks



2015 has been a tough year for Miss Universe Organization.  It all begun with Donald Trump’s comments on Mexico and then following series of condemnations the pageant had to face because of him.  But all is well that ends well.  The pageant is now in hands of WME/IMG and to everyone’s surprise, it is going way better than expected!  Yes, the contestants of this year’s pageants are superb.  In fact, this can be perhaps one of the most competitive years of Miss Universe ever.  Recently the swimsuit photos of all the contestants are released.  As expected, the girls are simply fabulous and the favorites have nailed the pictures like pros.  Our experts had a gruesome time filtering out the pictures and picking up the 10 best.  But it anycase, we did it.  Here’s presenting the Miss Universe 2015 Swimsuit Photos Top 10.

10th Position: Miss Thailand, Aniporn Chalermburanawong

Miss Universe 2015 Swimsuit Photos

Simplicity!  That is perhaps the perfect word for the shot.  Aniporn is tall, lean and effortlessly impresses us in the shot with her impressive figure.  She just doesn’t need to even try to be likable.  No wonder she is among the big favorites for the Miss Universe 2015 title!

9th Position: Miss Ukraine, Anna Vergelskaya

Miss Universe 2015 Swimsuit Photos

Surprise!  Ukraine always sends a stunner, however this year the reviews about the Ukraine girl weren’t that good.  However, with this shot, Anna is perhaps going to turn the tide.  The picture is classy and sexy at the same time.

8th Position: Miss Brazil, Marthina Brandt

“I told you!”  That’s what the picture screams to us.  Martina was crowned just last month and she became an instant favorite of many for the Miss Universe title.  Some of us were doubtful simply because she didn’t get time before the Miss Universe pageant.  But she re-asserts her contention with this picture.

7th Position: Miss Philippines, Pia Wurztbach

Miss Universe 2015 Swimsuit Photos

Womanly!  Pia Wurztbach knows to flaunt her best in her pictures.  This quality is definitely one of her big assets!

6th Position: Miss USA, Olivia Jordan

Miss Universe 2015 Swimsuit Photos

Charming!  Olivia Jordan started the “I am a charming” thing about herself from her Miss USA video interview.  She perpetuated the same in Miss USA finals and the magic now continues in Miss Universe too.

5th Position: Dominican Republic, Clarissa Molina

Miss Universe 2015 Swimsuit Photos

Versatile!  While Clarissa Rolene Strauss in many of her appearances, this tall lass can look way better than Rolene ever did in a bikini.  That’s how you do it, Clarissa!

4th Position: Miss India, Urvashi Rautela

Miss Universe 2015 Swimsuit Photos

Bling!  Urvashi Rautela is the “Bling” queen of Miss Universe 2015.  She is bright, she is lively and she loves to grab all the attention.  Nothing less than a commercial Bollywood potboiler, this girl is in the race to win it all!

3rd: Miss France, Flora Coquerel

Miss Universe 2015 Swimsuit Photos

Lean Machine!  Women, and even men, would die to have a lean figure like this!  Flora, like her name, smiles like a flower as she flaunts her Perfect 10 body.  Are we impressed?  Hell Yes.

2nd Position: Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez

Miss Universe 2015 Swimsuit Photos

Royalty!  Just put on a robe and Ariadna can pass off as the queen of a big kingdom.  This girl is full of aura and presence.  Her perfect posture and impecabble presence make this one of the best pictures of pageantry 2015.

1st Position: Miss Australia, Monika Radulovic

Miss Universe 2015 Swimsuit Photos

Bewitching!  Like Ariadna, Monika exudes a strong aura and queenly presence.  But in addition to that, her inviting and warm smile makes you sit on your chair and just adore her natural looks.

Close-shots: Great Britain, Kosovo, Vietnam, Angola, Venezuela


Thus, most of the favorites re-affirm their strengths in the swimsuit shots.  They prove that having a good body is definitely important, but it is also about the confidence and the aura that you exude.  It is about how you feel and vibe.  It is about how much you like yourself and your body.

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Images: Miss Universe Website