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Miss World 2015 Dances of the World Finalists [Pictures]

Miss World 2015 Dances of the World Finalists

Miss Samoa is one to watch out in Miss World 2015 finale

Miss World 2015 kick started with a big bash in start. However, things went silent in recent days. People across the globe are wondering about non-exciting edition of Miss World this year. At the same time, Miss Universe 2015 is parallely giving lot of excitement with various activities happening everyday. Many believe it’s because of edition being in China where a major social media like Facebook is restricted, hence girls are not able to update their profiles. Never mind, Let’s hope the edition picks up with all the fast tracks soon. Coming back to excitement part, Rumour says that the finalists of Miss World 2015 Dances of the World have been chosen and a total of 7 girls shall be performing their individual dance form on the stage in the finale of Miss World 2015. The performances were judged by choreographer Donna Darby and music director Mike Dixon.A total of 117 contestants from countries all over the world are participating in the pageant to bag the prestigious title of the year.

We are not very sure of who are the Final 7 who shall be performing in Miss World 2015 Dances of the World. However, we got a list of 10 girls who were confirmed short-listed for the final round. Could be possible that all the 10 girls might perform. The 10 girls selected were:

Hinarere Taputu from France

Evana Manandhar from Nepal

Giovanna Cordeiro from Paraguay

Latafale Auva’a from Samoa

Lujza Strakova from Slovakia

Yuan Lu from China

Brittany Hazelman from Fiji

Liesl Lauri from South Africa

Brynn Lovett from Malaysia

Thunchanok Moonnilta from Thailand

Let’s see who all will perform in the finale of Miss World 2015 Dances of the World. For more pictures of girls from the audition of Dances of the World, check out the gallery.

Miss World 2015 Dances of the World Audition


Credits: The Himalayan Times & Miss World Website

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