Miss Earth 2015 Results: Another year of controversy!

Miss Earth 2015 Results: Controversial… AGAIN!Miss Earth 2015 Results

Miss Earth 2015 wound up yesterday in Vienna, Austria with the crowning of Angelia Ong as the new winner, Miss Earth 2015.  Angelia Ong represented Philippines.  This is the first time a back-to-back win was achieved by a country in Miss Earth.  Australia, USA and Brazil finished second, third and fourth respectively.  Austria, Chile, Colombia and Venezuela finished the Top 8.  Hungary, France, Guam, Ukraine, Mongolia, Mauritius, Scotland and Czech Republic were the semi-finalists.  From years, Miss Earth results have always been controversial.  Miss Earth 2015 results are no exception.

Miss Earth 2015 Results
Top 16

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Firstly, major favorites were literally devalued in the competition.  Panama and Thailand were just left out.  Both the ladies are stunning and did very well in the pre-pageant activities also.  In fact, Panama won three Gold medals.  And yet she is out of Top 16?  Even Guatemala was left out inspite of good pre-final performance.  Not a single black delegate made the cut!  If this was not enough, even Miss Mongolia did not make it to the Top 8 inspite of giving very strong performances in swimsuit and evening gown competitions.  She is the only girl who won Gold medals in both rounds prior to finals.  And yet she does not make the Top 8 cut based on the performances in these rounds?  Soon after the results, there were many supporters of Miss Earth who started saying that Thailand and Panama had attitude issues!  These girls din’t look that good in “No make-up” round.  Some even say that they applied make-up inspite of not being supposed to.  There are absolutely no basis of these comments and clearly seem to be just excuses to support Miss Earth.  Was the pageant trying to make the ride easier for Angelia Ong?

Secondly, back to back – seriously?  Angelia Ong is good and we had even considered her as a big favorite for the title.  But is she good enough for back to back?  TGPC feels perhaps she is, but there are many who don’t agree with this.  She may have done well, but if Thailand and Panama were not kept out, would she have won?

We really feel that Miss Earth Organization should consider taking some steps to make their selection process clearer.  Miss Universe and Miss World have never seen years where they have been bashed so much.  For Miss Earth, it seems to happen consistently.

Image Credits: Miss Earth