Miss Earth 2015 Sports Winners [Results]

Miss Earth 2015 Sports competition was held where all the contestants had to prove their physical strength and mental determination through series of physical tasks. All the contestants went through these tasks and finally their performances were evaluated to arrive at the result of the contest. At the end, 3 lucky ladies took home the medals. These 3 girls were:

Miss Earth 2015 Sports Winners

Miss Earth 2015 Sports Winners
South Africa, Panama, Portugal

Gold: Panama, Carmen Jaramillo

Silver: Portugal, Berth Elouga

Bronze: South Africa, Carla Viktor

It’s quite exciting to see these girls competing in such a varied for*ms of sub-contests that brings a lot of fun quotient in the pageant. Although, the leader board in Miss Earth is not as good as Miss World, We prefer the activities more than Miss World. Simple reason being that there is always something that girls are occupied with in Miss Earth. With the contests going on, it is very obvious that Miss Panama is the major front-runner of the contest along. She will be the girl on whom all the eyes will be set in the finale.

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Miss Earth is celebrating the Crystal Year this year in Vienna, Austria. The finale shall be held on 5th December where all the 89 contestants shall competing each other to grab the coveted title of Miss Earth 2015. The winner shall be crowned by the out going queen Jamie Herrel.

Credits: Miss Earth Facebook Page