Introduction of Talent round in Miss Universe: A good idea? [Opinion]

Addition of Talent in Miss Universe: Good thing?

Miss Universe 2015 will have an optional talent contest

From this year, the new management of Miss Universe pageant WME/IMG is introducing a talent competition to the pageant.  The competition is not mandatory.  This is the first year when the pageant will have a talent competition.  Hence the news has created a lot of buzz among the fans of Miss Universe pageant.  Some are simply abhorring the change, while some are favouring.  We personally think it is a good idea to have such a round.

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The main argument against this change is that it is unconventional.  Miss Universe is a show more focused on glamor and beauty.  Adding a talent round may seem like copying other pageants, most of which do have a talent round.  We think that even if it may look like a copy, it is a good change.  The glamor element of the pageant is not being deducted.  The preliminary competition and the photo-shoots will persist.  The talent competition, participation in which is optional, will be a nice addition.  In fact it can improve the reputation of the Miss Universe pageant which is often bashed as a skin-show event.  Miss World pageant also introduced the talent round in 2000s only.  It turned out to be a good move for them!

Miss Malaysia was not a front-runner in Miss World 2014, but she got her shot of fame by winning Talent

Girls get a chance to show their talents to the world.  There is a lot more to them than their beauty.  It is certain that a pool of 80+ accomplished women will some really bright girls who can win hearts if given a chance to.  For instance, India’s Urvashi Rautela, who conquered many hearts with her exquisite dance in the national pageant, may perhaps make her presence felt strongly in the pageant by performing well in this round.

The biggest beneficiaries will be the fans.  There is more for them to follow and cheer.  There can be few girls who may not find success in main competition but will do well in talent competition.  The fans from these countries may find an unexpected reason to jubilate.

Thus, talent competition in our opinion is a great addition to the Miss Universe pageant.

Image Credits: Facebook pages of Miss Diva, Miss Universe, Miss World