Miss Universe 2015 Hotpicks [Pre-Arrival]

Miss Universe 2015 Hotpicks

Miss Universe 2015 Hotpicks

Miss Universe 2015 will kick-start from December 1st week. However, most of the countries are done with selection of their national delegate. Our team analysed all the delegates elected so far and arrived with a concrete list of Top 15 that resulted into our ‘Miss Universe 2015 Hotpicks’. The finale will take place on 20th December 2015 in Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, Las Vegas. The show will be broadcast on FOX channel.  Lets see who made it to our Top 15.

15: Vietnam- Pham Thi Huong

Miss Universe 2015 Hotpicks
Vietnam- Pham Thi Huong

Pham Thi Huong was previously a part of Vietnam’s Next Top Model 2010 where she was a part of Top 8 and later on was 1st runner-up at Miss World Sport 2014. These experiences would have definitely helped this stunner to polish her skills. Most of the time we love Mis Vietnam at Miss Universe but Pham has a unique charm that made her to place in our Top 15 list.

14: Japan- Ariana Miyamoto

Miss Universe 2015 Hotpicks
Japan- Ariana Miyamoto

Ariana Miyamoto has these modelesque facial features that makes her exquisite to Miss Universe pageant. Previously she faced controversy on racial fronts, which made her quite famous among the pageant circuit. If this was still Donald’s pageant, we would have placed her higher, but in any case she would be in Top 15 based on her own merit.

13: France- Flora Coquerel

Miss Universe 2015 Hotpicks
France- Flora Coquerel

Flora Coquerel was our one of the top pick for Miss World 2014. But it was very unfortunate that even after topping the interview portion,she failed to place in Top 25. However, we were extremely joyed when we heard that she would be competing in Miss Universe 2015. Her dusky tone and her radiant beauty will stand her out. Her personality must be of top-notch, which was a proof at Miss World already. She might just place much ahead but currently she is on our 13th Spot.

12: Jamaica- Sharlene Radlein

Miss Universe 2015 Hotpicks
Jamaica- Sharlene Radlein

We thought Jamaica would fail to give a stunner who can match the feat of Kaci Fennel, Miss Universe 2014 Top 5, but with the selection of Sharlene Radlein we were proven wrong. Sharlene is a hot bomb which can explode into hell lot of surprise on the stage. She is as good as Kaci and we believe her inclusion in Top 15 is bound to happen with previous format.

11: Russia- Vladislava Evtushenko

Miss Universe 2015 Hotpicks
Russia- Vladislava Evtushenko

Vladislava Evtushenko was finally declared Russia’s official entry to Miss Universe 2015 after multiple switching. Valdislava has that strong modelling background and features that will definitely get noted at new Miss Universe Organisation. Her facial beauty is similar to one of those Victoria’s Secret Model and Western public will surely love her.

10: Venezuela- Mariana Jimenez

Miss Universe 2015 Hotpicks
Venezuela- Mariana Jimenez

Mariana Jimenez previously competed at Miss Grand International 2014 where she placed in Top 10. We feel here also she will repeat the same feat at max. She has Sash factor but we feel that freshness is missing here. However, she might just move up post her arrival. lets see, we can never underestimate a VENEZUELAN delegate.

9: Mexico- Wendolly Esparza

Miss Universe 2015 Hotpicks
Mexico- Wendolly Esparza

It was a sigh of relief to know that Wendolly Esparza will finally compete in Miss Universe after that blasphemy of Donald Trump and Mexico controversy. Wendolly perfectly fits the bill of a supermodel and as per our assumption, this will be an added advantage for her with changing demands of new Miss Universe organisation.

8: Spain- Carla Garcia

Miss Universe 2015 Hotpicks
Spain- Carla Garcia

Carla Garcia was one of the Top 15 at Miss World 2011. To us, her beauty resonates on same frequency as of Ivian Sarcos, who was also her room-mate in Miss World 2011. She has beauty, she has experience and Spain has started doing well recently. Carla for sure will be prepared with all her weapon on.

7: Colombia- Ariadna Gutierrez

Miss Universe 2015 Hotpicks
Colombia- Ariadna Gutierrez

Ariadna Gutierrez would have been higher on our list if Paulina Vega had not won Miss Universe 2014. However, we feel that she might not get that benefit of high placement this year. In our opinion she would have done extremely well in any other year. Ariadna is a well experienced model who will again benefit from new organisation due to her ramp skills.

6: Peru- Laura Spoya

Miss Universe 2015 Hotpicks
Peru- Laura Spoya

It’s been very long since we saw such a great stunner from Peru. Laura Spoya previously competed in Miss International 2010 where she was a part of Top 15 finalists. With time, she was grown better and better. She has this X-factor that can easily get noticed in the bunch of stunner. Our only concern with her is that she needs to focus on her styling which sometimes make her look matured. If she can do that, she will be a bang on.

4th Runner-up: USA- Olivia Jordan

Miss Universe 2015 Hotpicks
Olivia Jordan

Olivia Jordan has faced stage multiple times as a beauty queen which will boost her confidence when she will walk down the ramp of Miss Universe 2015. She competed in Miss World 2013 where she was a part of Top 20 court. She has beauty, she has aura and she has that ‘IT’ factor that makes a Miss Universe. She will do well with old or new both format.

3rd Runner-up: Philippines- Pia Wurtzbach

Miss Universe 2015 Hotpicks
Philippines- Pia Wurtzbach

Pia Wurtzbach is one of the most beautiful Miss Philippines along with Shamcey Supsup. Pia has shown drastic improvement from the time she was crowned as Miss Philippines and her current avtaar. Pia has got a bang on body and we are sure she will be having a stunning wardrobe as well. We won’t be shocked if finally Philippines win it this year.

2nd Runner-up: Dominican Republic- Clarissa Molina

Miss Universe 2015 Hotpicks
Dominican Republic- Clarissa Molina

We love Clarissa Molina and her resemblance to Rolene Strauss makes her even more interesting. Her beauty is extremely fresh looking and her bubbly personality makes us feel that she will have an ease to impress the judges. Her body is also in good form that matches the expectations of the new organisation.

1st Runner-up: Thailand- Aniporn Chalermburanawong

Miss Universe 2015 Hotpicks
Thailand-Aniporn Chalermburanawong

We won’t be wrong if we say that Aniporn Chalermburanawong is one of the finest Miss Thailand ever sent to Miss Universe. If this was purely modelling contest, I would have picked her as my default winner. She can channelize a look of a Supermodel on one hand while on other hand she can channelize the look of a regal beauty queen. We are excited to see her performing in the preliminary of Miss Universe.

Winner: India- Urvashi Rautela

Miss Universe 2015 Hotpicks
India- Urvashi Rautela

Urvashi Rautela has struggled a lot to get the right to represent her country at Miss Universe and as known to many, she always dreamt of being a Miss Universe. Urvashi proves that every hype that is created around her is worth. We won’t be wrong if we say that Urvashi is the strongest and most prepared representative India has ever sent after Lara Dutta. She has undeniable stage presence and her celebrity status in India will excel her dominance in Miss Universe contest. The crown of Miss Universe 2015 is hers to loose.

Credits: Miss Universe Website.