Miss International 2015 will have a ‘Miss India’…!!!

Glamanand to handpick an Indian representative for Miss International 2015

Glamanand Supermodel India

The news of Time of India giving up the franchise of Miss International came to pageant fans few months back. However, there were no solid back ups to prove this rumour right. There were few mailings and callings to Miss International organisation and it was learnt that this year there shall be no ‘Miss India’ at their pageant. This was less a shock to Indian pageant followers because Miss International is considered as one of the Top 4 pageants across the globe due to it’s history and legacy.

In the beginning, there was a mixed reaction drawn from the fans where few had a belief that Miss International was biased towards others countries and is not crowning India intentionally. Few also believed that it is a racist pageant where most of the times you see fair porcelian looking doll types girl in the final line up during the finale results. On the contrary, few also believed that India should not stop sending a candidate to Miss International as it could be a break in the streak and India may again never place till next few years. The pageant is just 2 weeks far away and the news of no Indian representative at Miss International 2015 was already making a hot topic of discussion everywhere. But, we have got a good news for you all..!! You will see a Miss India at Miss International this year. Yes, you heard it right. It has been confirmed by Nikhil Anand, from Glamanand Supermodel India, that he owns the franchisee of Miss International now and is keen on sending a very competitive delegate to the pageant.

When asked to Nikhil on how is he planning to prepare a delegate in such a short span of time, he replied that they have everything already planned as to who will be the designer of national costumes, what will be the national costumes, how will be the evening gown and the best fact that he has 2-3 extremely good girls in the mind out of which he shall pick one, the best at the moment, for the pageant. It is to be noted that Nikhil also took up the fanchise of Miss Earth and shall be responsible to select a delegate for Miss Earth this year onwards. Lot of hopes have been build up on this newbie National Director. The Great Pageant Community shall officially be covering the Miss Earth India pageant this year.

Credits: Glamanand Supermodel