WME/IMG Owns Miss Universe: What Changes You Foresee

Ari Emanuel of WME/IMG and Donald Trump
Ari Emanuel and Donald Trump

Donald Trump has sold Miss Universe to WME/IMG, the global talent company owned by Patrick Whitesell and Ari Emanuel.  This is not surprising especially after controversy that Donald Trump invited by his remarks on Mexico.  Now with such a major change in Miss Universe, pageant fans are expecting new things in Miss Universe pageant in the coming years.  WME/IMG is known for introducing many supermodels and actresses to the world like Julianne Moore and Kate Moss.

We asked the members of The Great Pageant Community (Group) what changes are they expecting in Miss Universe post-acquisition by WME/IMG.  Here is a summary of what they had to say.  We thank the members for their participation in the discussion.

WME/IMG Owns Miss Universe: Changes Foreseen

WME/IMG buys Miss Universe
Fashion shows have been part of Miss Universe, but now the focus can be greater.
  1. Fashion shows may be a part of the pageant as per Daniel D’Souza, Aman Singh and India’s Page.  This makes sense because WME/IMG is focused on modelling and hence they may want to test the ramp-skills of the contestants before the finals, apart from the usual presentation show.
  2. Sash Factor would go away as per Kartik Behl.  Miss Universe has often been accused of favouring girls from Latin America and Philippines.
  3. Slightly different photo-shoots can be a part of the show as per Aman Singh.  Putki Chowdhry thinks that photo-shoots in nude make-up can be a part of the pageant, because they are an integral part of the present fashion model castings.
  4. The final show would be very grand, as per the opinions of Daniel D’Souza and Putki Chowdhry.
  5. The pageant would produce super-models and will get major contracts from modelling circuits.  The winner will get good representation in fashion industry and showbiz.  Putki, Kartik and India’s Page agree with this.
  6. There may be no crown as per Ines Ligron.
  7. Putki Chowdry feels WME/IMG may introduce a talent round, this time around, as IMG is also a talent management firm.
  8. Judges will be people from big fashion houses, model/ talent management companies and showbiz.  They will be people known even outside the Americas.

Thus, expectations are very high from WME/IMG team for coming up with a superb Miss Universe edition this year and in future.