India’s Next Top Model Episode 9 [ Aerial Photo shoot]

India's Next Top Model Episode 9

India’s Next Top Model Episode 9 was one of the best episodes in the series, along with Abstract Photoshoot and Mannequin Photoshoot. In this episode, we saw girls getting more versatile in while hanging on ropes through crane and shooting against the skyline poster, posing as a super hero. The girls were shot by ace photographer Dabboo Ratnani. In my opinion, all the girls delivered above expectation and it was extremely hard to pick out 3 best girls. Before I move on to reviewing all the girls, I would like to mention that Lisa Hayden looked stunning in that red strapless evening gown. Anusha Dandekar looked classy in white evening gown with up hair do. Lets move on to the review.

Review of India’s Next Top Model Episode 9

#1-Danielle Canute

India's Next Top Model Episode 9
Danielle Canute

Danielle Canute was portraying the super hero with lot of passion. I could really see the passion into her, the passion of giving her best no matter what. The passion of winning India’s Next Top Model Season 1 at any cost. She was in a bottom 2 in Episode 8 and this was a big learning for her. She came back with a storm and took it all. I loved how confidently she was leaning and posing. This girl has a great modelling career ahead.

#2- Gloria Tep

India's Next Top Model Episode 9
Gloria Tep

Gloria’s photoshoot reminded me of evil witch who used to catch innocent people through her whippy hair. She was to portray a super hero with fire and she matched the expectations. She was unstoppable when she started whipping through her hair. I loved that wildness into her and she just nailed the shot.

#3-Monica Gill

India's Next Top Model Episode 9
Monica Gill

I loved Monica today, not for her photoshoot but for the grace she showed while losing the competition to Rushali, in bottom 2. She said that Rushali deserved to be there, which proved how well grounded this girl is and how she supports the reality. Coming back to the photoshoot of Monica, I think she too did a justice to the character of a warrior. She was courageous, she was ready to fight and she looked stunning in the pic. I loved those thrones in her hair.

#4-Rushali Rai

India's Next Top Model Episode 9
Rushali Rai

Does this girl have bones? She was so elastic while giving poses. She was channelising a fierce character which was quite visible in her shoot. Judges were not much impressed with the shoot, but I think this was apt for the character she was portraying. She gave a hell lot of variety, like Danielle, for that photo shoot. It was painful seeing her in bottom 2 for the first time, but she deserved it considering the performance of Danielle and Gloria.

Conclusion: I feel judges picked perfect Top 3 this time. Although I think Monica delivered better shot than Rushali, but one can’t deny the fact that Rushali has been very consistent throughout the series and can’t be eliminated just for one bad pic. Hence, I agree with the choice of judges.

Credits: MTV India