Can Anindya Kusuma win Miss Universe 2015?

Anindya Kusuma Putri, Puteri Indonesia 2015

Anindya Kusuma will represent Indonesia in Miss Universe 2015The expectations Indonesian pageant crowd from Anindya would definitely be high as they have tasted the sweet fruit of placement since last 2 years consecutively. In 2013, Whulandary Herman placed in Top 15 and Elvira Devinamira placed in Top 15 in 2014. The win of Anindya was received with bit of negative perception by fans but her recent improvements shows that she is focused and determined to make her mark at Miss Universe pageant. Let us have a sectional review of Anindya Kusuma about her possible placement at Miss Universe 2015 and conclude the reality as per the format of Miss Universe contest.

Sectional Analysis of Anindya Kusuma for Miss Universe 2015

Anindya Kusuma Putri, Puteri Indonesia 2015

#1-Beauty: Anindya Kusuma’s beauty is not extremely outstanding. To me, she appeals as a girl next door. I find Elvira Devinamira much more beautiful when it comes to face, but then when you see her in motion, you can just like this girl. She is like Whulandary who stands out more in motion than in photos. However, just based on facial beauty, I don’t see her making the cut.

#2-Body: She seems to have a decent frame of body. Slim and loosely toned. She would require proper session to be competitive at the stage of Miss Universe 2015. But I also recollect the fact that gone are the days when the hottest bodies used to make the cut in finals. If she performs through her catwalk, she may standout.

#3-Personality: I have heard from my sources, who have known Anindya Kusuma on personal level, that she carries a tomboyish personality. This is what stands her out from rest of the girl. She doesn’t hesitate to take risks and always seems confident of what she does. If she continues to do this at Miss Universe, she would be well noticed.

Anindya Kusuma Putri, Puteri Indonesia 2015

#4-Styling: Anindya lacks bit on her styling. She doesn’t seem to be too much into fashion from whatever previous pictures we have seen. However, she has carried dresses well which were styled by experts on her. Like few evening gowns and appearances at events. So I am sure at Miss Universe as well she won’t find any such problem with dresses. Indonesia has always been giving decent dresses to their girls.

#5-Politics: You call it politics, you call it luck or you call it merit, but Indonesia has been in limelight since 2013. I believe that this year also Indonesia will continue to be in limelight. And being in limelight means you would have good chances of getting noticed and then placement. This is the major factor I am relying on for the placement of Anindya.

Conclusion: Looking at current sets of delegate selected so far, I find it bit difficult to see Anindya penetrating in Top 15. However, if she places in finale, her journey may again end in Top 15, pretty much like her predecessors. If she wishes to go further, she would require to work even harder on her body and hiding her flaws.

Pictures Courtesy: Puteri Indonesia Website