Olivia Jordan Photoshop Trolling: 10 Best Attempts!

Olivia Jordan Photoshop
Original Picture

Miss USA 2015 Olivia Jordan has publicly approved on Twitter the Photoshop trolling that she has been facing on Reddit.  A Reddit user named TypicalLegend asked the Redditors to Photoshop a picture of Olivia Jordan on the beach.  The Redditors complied and the world is now availed with a treat of hugely funny photo shopped pictures of Olivia Jordan.  Let’s have a look at some of the best ones who win the unofficial Olivia Jordan Photoshop trolling contest!

Photoshop trolling is becoming a regular phenomena especially with the success of social media.  It doesn’t take much time for most of the successful Photoshop troll pictures to go viral on the internet.  And the ones who are targeted the most in such trolls are the famous celebrities, like Olivia Jordan in this case.

The beauty who will be going to Miss Universe 2015-2016 has shown immense grace by her reaction to the trolling.  It takes a strong heart for a person to laugh on himself or herself.  Olivia Jordan has shown with her response, what a sorted out and cool person she is!

Olivia Jordan Photoshop Trolling Attempts

  1. Olivia Jordan is sitting on a shark within the sea!
Olivia Jordan Photoshop
via reddit/u/funny-lookin-stain

2. Forget about Unicorn, now we have Olivia-corn?

Olivia Jordan Photoshop
via reddit/u/nestonesto1

3. Goerge W. Bush Junior, now we know why you are smiling!

Olivia Jordan Photoshop
via reddit/u/thxmate

4. Olivia Jordan, the hottest pirate of the Caribbean!

Olivia Jordan Photoshop
via reddit/u/LocoRocoo

5. Olivia Jordan after having a lot of cheese and butter!

Olivia Jordan Photoshop
via reddit/u/UptownSlacky

6. Ummm, no comments!

Olivia Jordan Photoshop
via reddit/u/gotmytightpantson

7. One guy just got really lucky here!

Olivia Jordan Photoshop
via reddit/u/ithinkiforgottowipe

8. OMG!  Is that Olivia Jordan or Jictzad Vina?

Olivia Jordan Photoshop
via reddit/u/j_bro10

9. This one is so abstract!


Olivia Jordan Photoshop
via reddit/u/jmalone1187

10. The prism is magical!

Olivia Jordan Photoshop
via reddit/u/BillieGoatsMuff

If we have to pick our favourite, it has to be number 8.  It is just downright hilarious & wins the Olivia Jordan Photoshop race for us!.  Pretty sure Olivia Jordan will frown with negativity on seeing it, it’s the worst thing a beauty queen can imagine for herself!

Credits: Diply