Miss Teen USA 2015 Crown: Wear it or Burn it?

Miss Teen USA 2015 Crown

Miss Teen USA 2015 Crown

I came across a pageant portal’s Facebook where they revealed Miss Teen USA 2015 Crown. I could not stop pitying the girl who will wear it. Crowns are meant to increase the beauty and charm of the winner but this crown fails to do so, I feel. In my opinion, this has to be one of the worst crowns and even worst fact is that Diamond International Corporation took over the contract of sponsoring the crown for next 10 years for Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA. Weren’t the crowns of Miss Universe and Miss USA pathetic enough that they came up with this hopeless version of crown?

 I am not sure if I am seeing the crown from a wrong angle but in any sense it doesn’t look impressive. In fact, objectively analysing, many National pageants have better versions than this. In fact we recently pointed out the crown of Miss Denmark which was one of the costliest crowns ever.

Many on-line pageant portals as well reacted very negatively to the new crowns of Miss Teen USA 2015. Many even pointed out that previous crowns were in fact much better and they should be brought back into the competition. Well, I too hope that Miss Universe Organisation takes the opinion of public seriously and ask DIC to change the crowns as soon as possible.

The finale of Miss Teen USA 2015 will take place on 22nd August where 51 contestants shall battle out to win the Miss Teen USA 2015 Crown. The preliminary to short-list the finalists shall be held on 21st August.