Chananporn Rosjan – “The Unsung Heroine” [Analysis]

Chananporn Rosjan

Chananporn Rosjan was Miss Thailand Universe 2005 and represented Thailand in Miss Universe 2005.  She was the host delegate.  She won the “Best in National Costume” Award.  The finals took place on 31 May, 2005 in Bangkok, Thailand.  At the end of the show, Natalie Glebova (Miss Canada Universe) was chosen as Miss Universe 2005.  The first runner-up was Cynthia Olavarria (Miss Puerto Rico Universe).  However, the biggest shock of the night was the exclusion of the host delegate Chananporn Rosjan.  She is this week’s topic for our weekly feature “The Unsung Heroine” where we talk about beauties who end up clapping in spite of great performance in international pageant.

Why was the exclusion of Chananporn Rosjan shocking?

The first reason is that the girl was really deserving of a placement.  Her victory at the national pageant Miss Thailand Universe 2005 was in itself very convincing.  That year’s batch of 43 beauties was very strong.  Chananporn was an engineer and had studied in the United States of America for some years of her teenage.

Chananporn Rosjan
Winning Miss Thailand Universe 2005

During the Miss Universe pageant, she was a very warm host and a darling of the press.  She won the “Best in National Costume” award, although, since she was the host delegate, this was not taken positively by many.  She became the third Thai woman to win the award after Saengduan Manwong in 1969 and Porntip Nakhirunkanok in 1988.

In the presentation show, she was very strong.  She presented herself with a lot of confidence in the two-piece bikini during swimsuit competition.  Her figure was good and body was toned.  Her presence was very good.  In the evening gown round, she wore a purple drop-waist gown with thin straps.  The strong aspect of her performance was the bewitching smile and impressive presentation on the stage.  She was always strong in communication, hence her overall performance in prelims was considered among the strong ones.

Most of the popular websites listed her among the Top 5 or Top 10 favourites to win the title.  However, she failed to place while girls like Miss Norway, Miss Indonesia made it to Top 15 in spite of weak performances in presentation show.  Miss Norway had Thai roots, while Miss Indonesia was controversial due to opposition by some people in her country against her participation.

What can be the reasons for exclusion of Chananporn Rosjan from Top 15?

Few pageant pandits predicted the exclusion once Chananporn won the “Best in National Costume” award.  The announcement was made before the finals.  But still, her performance in prelims was too strong to be ignored.

The most popular theory about her exclusion among pageant fans is that she was a bit too strong for Top 15!  Remember, 2005 was the first year when it was announced that “experts from Miss Universe Organization” have been involved in the selection of the Top 15.  The buzz (unconfirmed) is that 9 or 10 girls are/were selected based on preliminary competition and rest are picked by experts.  Generally the remaining girls are picked such that they do not make it among the Top 5 or Top 10, and only girls who actually scored high in prelims reach the Top 5 or Top 10.  Chananporn Rosjan was strong in prelims, but perhaps she was not strong enough to make it to the Top 9 or Top 10 of prelims.  If she was in Top 15 because of experts’ choice, she would have made it to the Top 5 due to good performance and audience’s support.  This could be unfair to the girls who actually made it to the Top 15 based on preliminary performance.  In fact Chananporn, if she had made it to Top 5, could have even won it all due to her strong communication skills.

Nevertheless this is only an unproven theory.  There is no fact or proof to believe it to be true, apart from the fact that a lot of fans do think this happened.  In our opinion, such manipulations (if they happen) should be avoided and the competition should be purely based on merit.  The scores for prelims and finals should be displayed to the audience, like it was done in the hay-days of Miss Universe (i.e. 80s and 90s).

In any case, Chananporn Rosjan is a powerful woman.  The failure at Miss Universe did not stop her.  She is enjoying a very successful and fulfilling career as a pilot in Thai Air Asia.

Image Credits: Dance With Shadows, Belleza Venezolana