Can Aafreen Vaz win Miss Supranational 2015? [Analysis]

Aafreen Vaz Femina Miss India 2015

Aafreen Vaz is all set to represent India at Miss Supranational 2015 later this year. She is competing against the most difficult odds this year as the reigning Miss Supranational, Asha Bhat is also from India. But I have been amazed by the personality this girl carries and the variety she presents on the table that she has surfaced up on my radar and is one of the strongest competitors for the crown. I am generally very sceptical about Back to Back win at international pageants but Aafreen has given me enough reasons that I am bound to believe that she may actually win the crown for India again. Let’s see what made me think so..!!!

Why Aafreen Vaz may win Back to Back Miss Supranational?

Aafreen Vaz Femina Miss India 2015

  • Aafreen Vaz is not a regular pretty beauty which resembles to your girl next door. Her beauty carries mystery which reminds me of high-class super model. She can easily channelize Cleopatra with a bun on her head (just a thought).Whenever I see her photo shoots, all I see is sheer class and maturity. Her beauty could have done well even on the stage of Miss Universe of Miss World.
  • The major factor at any beauty pageants now a day has shifted more towards the inner beauty, i.e. Personality and Clean Intentions. I see Aafreen Vaz as a queen with one of the best personalities of this year.  Remember, Asha Bhat could win the title more due to her personality, as quoted by many reputed on-line sources. I am sure Aafreen would be a force to reckon with in terms of personality at Miss Supranational 2015 too.
  • Aafreen Vaz Femina Miss India 2015Aafreen Vaz has a killer body frame that got listed in our Top 10 Best Bodies during Femina Miss India 2015 days. The journey thereon has got better and better. Miss Supranational has 2 rounds of Swimsuit competition and am sure Aafreen will get benefited out of this.
  • Social media presence is another factor that is surfacing up in current pageant time. The girl who is active on the social media is being liked by the organisers and we have seen enough proofs of that in the recent pageants.The main reason is that the page of a contestant shows how active she is and what all she can offer as an ambassador to their organisation. Aafreen’s update are always exciting. Whether she is in some event or some function or some training sessions, she never fails to update it and this makes following her more exciting and fun.
  • From her regular updates, I can make out that she is very FOCUSED. I also got to know from my closed sources that Aafreen is also very good in maintaining relations with people, even with her co-contestants and winners. This is considered as one of the basic things that is expected from any beauty queen and Aafreen has it.
  • India has got a strong Sash factor at Supranational, especially after Femina took over the franchise. The kind of trainings and styling provided by FMI will be one of the competitive most. All that will definitely add value to bring out the fineness in Aafreen Vaz. She stands tall and will compete strong at her international stint.

If I have to conclude, the only reason I would like Aafreen Vas not to win is that I get even bigger package that this girl can offer, which is a tough task though. Otherwise, I don’t see any other valid reason or lack of quality that can keep away Aafreen from winning.Let’s see how things unfold at Miss Supranational this year.

Pic Credits: Aafreen Vaz’s Facebook Fan Page