Miss World 2015 Hot Favourites [Pre-Arrival Review]

Pre-arrival Review of Miss World 2015 Hot Favourites

Miss World 2015 Hot Favourites
Miss World 2015 First Hotpicks

Miss World 2015 Hot Favourites: Hardly 100 days are left before the biggest & the oldest pageant kick starts in Sanya,China. Around 130 countries & territories are expected to compete for the crown of Miss World 2015. It’s going to be an extremely difficult task to outshine Rolene Strauss‘s amazing reign as Miss World 2014. Miss World is slowly turning out to be a global version of Miss America where you are not only judged by inner & outer beauty but you have to bring much more to the contest than just a pretty face or great communication skills. Miss World Organization has decided to shelve Beach Beauty/Fashion, one of the most important challenger event, & they will replace it with resort wear. Other challenger events are Sports,Top Model, Multi Media, Talent & the all important Beauty with the Purpose remains as same. If our sources are to be believed Miss World Organization is looking for a complete package someone who is capable of doing multiple things, from hosting events to fundraising to strutting the runway like a pro. Miss World is definitely trying to redefine the definition of beauty queen with one of the weakest batches in the history of the pageant yet one of the most unpredictable one.

Review of Miss World 2015 Hot Favourites

Miss World 2015 Hot Favourites, Brazil -Catharina Choi Nunes
Brazil -Catharina Choi Nunes

Winner: Brazil -Catharina Choi Nunes: This mixed raced beauty represented Korea at Miss Earth 2013 where she was a heavy favorite to win the crown. But she had to settle with the third runner-up crown. Cathrina is someone who can cut barriers. Her Asian & Latino heritage will make her stand out from her competition.She should do well in all challenger events in our opinion. Brazil hasn’t missed the cut since 2011 & we don’t see their placement streak breaking this year as well. In fact we feel Brazil is the clear front-runner & Catharina Choi will be the worthy successor of Rolene Strauss.

Miss World 2015 Hot Favourites France - Hinarere Taputu
France – Hinarere Taputu

First Runner Up ~France – Hinarere Taputu: She is my sentimental favorite for the crown. If any European country has to win this year, it better be France. Hinarere caramel skin tone with amazing cheekbones give her a very Parisian Top Model look. Her biggest draw back would be that she is an appointed delegate & not a crowned one, which is a fact that Miss World Org might not over look. If they do, France is shoo-in for a Top 5 placement.

Miss World 2015 Hot Favourites United States- Victoria Mendoza
United States- Victoria Mendoza

Second Runner Up ~United States- Victoria Mendoza: Her Beauty with a Purpose Project was featured on the official Miss World website even before she won the Miss World America crown. The possibility of her winning BWAP is high not because it was featured on MWO website but the project itself is noble & Victoria is working relentlessly for it.Victoria is a fine speaker & she can easily pull off a Alexandria Mills or Elizabeth Safrit this year.

Miss World 2015 Hot Favourites South Africa- Liesl Laurie
South Africa- Liesl Laurie

Third Runner Up ~South Africa- Liesl Laurie: Liesl has a star quality about her. She might not be the prettiest face but she has a memorable one. She will be one of the most talked about delegates as the reigning Miss World hails from her country. Back 2 Back is possible but We don’t see it happening as of now. She is the strongest girl from Africa & she will walk away with the Continental Queen title in my opinion.

Miss World 2015 Hot Favourites Mexico -Yamelin Ramírez
Mexico -Yamelin Ramírez

Fourth Runner Up ~ Mexico –Yamelin Ramírez: After withdrawing from Miss Universe Pageant Mexico is currently an apple of the eye for Miss World. Miss World delegation visited Mexico recently and many are expecting a Miss World crown for Mexico soon. Luck plays an important role in anything & Yamelin is lucky to be at the right place at the right time.

TOP 10

Miss World 2015 Hot Favourites Vietnam-Trần Ngọc Lan Khuê
Vietnam-Trần Ngọc Lan Khuê

6th ~Vietnam-Trần Ngọc Lan Khuê:  Vietnam is sending a very interesting delegate this year. Her professional pics are stunning and are different from regular fashion portfolios like Miss World America. She is also focusing on her BWAP project very intensely.

Miss World 2015 Hot Favourites Guyana-Lisa Punch
Guyana-Lisa Punch

7th~ Guyana-Lisa Punch: She couold be a possible winner of the Talent event at Miss World. Lisa has used her voice to raise money for her charity. This accomplished singer  has used her talent smartly which might help her clinch high placement by placing high in BWAP as well.

Miss World 2015 Hot Favourites, India-Aditi Arya
India-Aditi Arya

8th ~India-Aditi Arya: Aditi has everything that can make her the 6th recipient from her country to wear the blue crown. Her transformation has just started & she will blossom into a beautiful flower when it matters the most. She is also one of the smartest lass out there. Talking about her training, she is doing extremely good at her BWAP project. She is also fond of gymming. We can see her placing in most of the events. This is sufficient to keep her in Top 10 as of now. Her further journey will be decided on how she performs there.

Miss World 2015 Hot Favourites Israel-Maayan Keren
Israel-Maayan Keren

9th ~Israel-Maayan Keren: Maayan has a story that can help her get notice, We aren’t saying that this 18 years old will get sympathy votes but she is more than pretty & skilled  to bring  Israel back on the pageantry map. She is a fresh beauty which Julia Morley loves a lot.

Miss World 2015 Hot Favourites Uruguay-Sherika De Armas
Uruguay-Sherika De Armas

10th~ Uruguay-Sherika De Armas: Stunner Alert! This girl just blows us away with her beauty. I would love to see more of her in near future. Her experience as model will help her score big at the Top Model & Resort wear rounds.

Photo Credits:Official Facebook Pages of the Contestant & Miss World Fb Page