Victoria Mendoza can do wonders at Miss World 2015! [Opinion]

Victoria Mendoza

Victoria Mendoza won the title of Miss World America 2015 in July this year and will be representing the United States of America in Miss World 2015 pageant in Sanya, China in December 2015.  The overall feedback about Victoria Mendoza from the pageant fans across the world has been mixed to positive.  There are some who feel she has a shot at the Miss World crown, while there are some who are dissappointed at her election.  Our experts decided to sit down and analyse thoroughly, the candidature of Victoria Mendoza, to come at a conclusion about the expectations that can be maintained about her.

Sectional Analysis of Victoria Mendoza for Miss World 2015

Beauty: Victoria Mendoza has a pretty face and is photogenic.  When you think of American girl, the stereotype image is that of a blonde or brunette with colored eyes, but that is not what Victoria offers us.  She has black hair and black eyes.  She is good-looking, but definitely not a “head-turner”.  We feel last year’s representative Elizabeth Safrit was prettier.

Body: Okay, Miss World will not be having a bikini round.  But the buzz is that there will be a resort-wear round.  And in any case, we don’t accept that having a fit & lean body will not be important in Miss World.  Whether you wear a bikini or you don’t, your fitness levels do show and girls with better bodies will be for sure preferred.  It must be noted that Victoria Mendoza did not place in the Beachwear contest of Miss World America 2015.  She looks fit though.  Her figure is fine.  We don’t think her fitness to be a reason for her to worry at this point of time.

Personality: Victoria Mendoza is very elegant and has good presence.  She is well-spoken.  She placed in Judges’ Interview round. She is confident and communicates well.  She can place in Top 20 of Miss World Interviews.

Victoria Mendoza

Walk:  Victoria Mendoza placed in the Top Model event of Miss World America 2015.  She placed in the evening wear round too.  In fact, she gave one of the strongest performances in the evening gown during the finals.  Her strap-less, blue, mermaid gown was very good and she carried it with confidence.  With proper efforts, she can place in Top Model round of Miss World 2015 too.  Of course, she will have to perform well when the time comes!

Beauty With Purpose: Victoria Mendoza finished third in the round during the national contest.  She has ample amount of time for preparation of her project.  With guidance from her predecessor, she can come up with a strong project that can help her in Miss World 2015.

Politics: The United States sash is becoming stronger in the Miss World pageant.  United States is a big market and it really makes sense for Miss World organization to promote themselves there.  This year only the country had it’s first exclusive pageant for choosing Miss World representative (first in last 10-20 years).  Even Elizabeth Safrit’s success in Miss World 2014 pageant was partially attributed to her strong sash by many.  Hence Victoria Mendoza has a plus point in this regard.

Styling: In her appearances by far as Miss World America 2015 at various events, Victoria Mendoza has shown smartness in the way she presents herself.  She looks good, wears appropriate dresses and most importantly carries herself with a lot of elegance.

Victoria Mendoza

Experts’ Conclusions:

  • Victoria Mendoza is definitely a strong delegate and can rise as high as Top 3 in Miss World 2015, although we don’t see her winning the Miss World title.
  • Victoria Mendoza should focus particularly on her “Beauty With Purpose” project and also polish her interview skills.  These are her strengths.  Her strong sash can also help her a lot.
  • At this point of time, we don’t see her out of Top 25.  She can be in Top 10 too.  It is strength of her preparation that will determine how further she goes once in Top 10.
Image Credits: Miss World America page on Facebook