Miss Bahamas 2015 Contestants [Pictures and Hotpicks]

Meet Miss Bahamas 2015 Contestants

11 stunning girls have been short-listed to have an opportunity to become Miss Bahamas 2015 Contestants. The finals will be held on Sept 13 at Atlantis Paradise. The contest shall select winners to represent Bahamas in Miss Universe 2015 and Miss World 2015.  The group of 11 girls has been split into 2. The representative for Miss Universe shall be selected from 5 girls and the representative for Miss World shall be selected from 6 girls. Beside the main winners in finale, the organisation shall also select one girl for Miss Earth 2015 from the batch of 5 girls competing for Miss Universe Bahamas 2015 contest. Our experts picked up their favourites for the main crowns of Miss Bahamas 2015. The are as follows:

Miss World Bahamas 2015 Hot Favourite

Miss Bahamas 2015 Contestants
Miss World Bahamas 2015 Contestant- Chantel O’Brian, Grand Bahama

Chantel O’Brian reminds me of Maggaly Ornellia,Miss Gabon Universe 2014. Facially she is the batch out in the lot and the photo-shoot delivers the killer side of her. I would have preferred to see her in the batch of girls for Miss Universe as she has this HOT and Sizzling look that would do comparatively at that pageant. But I am sure even Mrs. Julia Morley would appreciate such beauties. If she win, she would be a huge upgrade. My second favourite for Miss World Bahamas crown is Analicia Thompson representing the Paradise Island.

Miss Universe Bahamas 2015 Hot Favourite

Miss Bahamas 2015 Contestants
Miss Universe Bahamas 2015 Contestant- Toria Nichole Penn, Paradise Island

I completely love Toria for her exquisite features. She isn’t the prettiest face of the 5 girls but, to me she stands out like no one else in the contest. She is the tallest delegate of the contest and she stands tall ;). She has this X-factor about her that can’t be denied. I am sure judges shall find it very hard to ignore this girl. If she doesn’t win the main crown, she should be chose to represent Bahamas at Miss Earth 2015.

Miss Bahamas Earth 2015 Hot Favourite

Miss Bahamas 2015 Contestants
Miss Universe Bahamas 2015 Contestant- Darronique Young, Grand Bahamas

Darronique has the brightest smile of the batch. She is also facially the most beautiful out of the 5 girls competing for the title. I feel she can switch places with Toria in finale. However, I am more confident about her performance at Miss Earth than Miss Universe. Darronique has a good personality and the charm to mesmerize the judges in the finale. I expect her to win at least one crown.

Meet the Contestants

Miss World Bahamas 2015 Contestants

Miss Universe Bahamas 2015 Contestants

Credits: Miss Bahamas Website