Maria Psilou is Miss Universe Greece 2017

Maria Pisilou is Miss Universe Greece 2017

Maria Psilou was chosen as Miss Universe Greece (Star Hellas) 2017. The event was held recently at Atlantis in Oropos. Maria is 20 and studies philosophical at Patras University. She also works as a model. She stands 178 cm tall. She will represent Greece at Miss Universe 2017. She succeeds Ismini Dafopoulou as Star Hellas winner.

Being the winner of one of the oldest surviving national pageants should be a matter of pride for Maria Psilou. The pageant started in 1929. In 1930, the winner Aliki Diplarakou won Miss Europe 1930. The next major success of Star Hellas winner was in 1964 when Corinna Tsopei won Miss Universe 1964. Next major success was achieved by Marina Tsintikidou by winning Miss Europe 1992. Star Hellas winner Anastasia Sidiropoulou won Miss Teen World 2010. In 2015, Mikalea Fotiadis of Greece was Miss Europe World 2016. Now Maria will try to win Miss Universe 2017 to bring pride to the country.

Credits: Maria Psilou