Can Catalina Morales be Miss Universe 2015?

Catalina Morales

Catalina Morales shall be representing Puerto Rico in Miss Universe 2015. Catalina shall be having an uphill task as Puerto Rico has not done much good since 2010. Viviana Ortiz and Monic Perez could get a Top 15 placement in 2011 and 2013 respectively and the representatives of 2012 and 2014 failed to place in the finale. This girl is bit mysterious and it’s bit difficult predicting her probable placement in Miss Universe 2015, as of now. The reason is that she is extremely good in some factors yet extremely bad in others. Let’s do a sectional analysis of Catalina Morales and try to arrive at some conclusion.

Sectional Analysis of Catalina Morales for Miss Universe 2015

Catalina Morales

#1-Beauty: Beauty is something that Catalina lacks. Honestly, she is more of a model material, having sharp features. But if I see her as an elegant queen then she is not my cup of tea. Also, looking at recent trends in Miss Universe, where the winners are extremely cute looking, I doubt her face will make her a stand out. But I also don’t underestimate the fact that sometimes you overall personality makes you look beautiful in motion than in pictures. Presently, she is a ‘No’ for me facially.

#2-Body: If this contest is more about body in 2015, she will slaughter the competition in Top 15 for sure. She has such an arousing body than can turn you on easily. She has one of the perfect bodies I have ever seen. I would give her 10/10 for this, no competition here please..!!!

#3-Personality: Catalina comes across as not so live and bubbly girl. But she is more of a matured girl who will speak as much as is required. This is good but at a time you need to bring your A game on..!! However, I feel Puerto Rico generally doesn’t leave their girls untrained on this aspect. So I am a bit neutral on this, as of now.

#4-Styling: When it comes to pageants, I feel Puerto Ricans are one of the best styled delegates in the contest, apart from Venezuela and USA. Her appearances till now have been fabulous and I am sure her wardrobe ahead in the competition will also be one of the best.

#5-Politics: With a recent drop-outs from many Latin countries and a major drop out from Mexico, I feel Puerto Rico will have a wide open ground to play into. Because, she won’t face much competition to make her entry in finale. But winning crown again would be challenging.

Conclusion: Catalina Morales could be a good Top 15 or even Top 10. But her entry in Top 5 is a bit of question for me. I don’t see her winning the main crown but she could do a good runner-up in case if she presents so well to manage to penetrate into the Top 5. Let’s see how she unfolds things coming pageant.