Can Liesl Laurie get Back to Back Miss World Crown for South Africa?

Liesl Laurie: One of the strongest bets at Miss World 2015

Liesl Laurie

I just came across few pictures of Liesl Laurie today. I was amazed to see how this girl is transforming from the time she won Miss South Africa 2015. She won the crown beating 2 major favourites due to her extremely attractive personality. Previously our experts’ pointed out that this time South Africa chose Brain over Beauty. No doubt Liesl has beauty in her own league and her live personality adds the charm to it. But, the major concern I have is that any country which has won Miss World failed to do well next year since 2000. The only exceptions were Miss Nigeria in 2002 and Miss Philippines in 2014 who placed in the finale. But they failed to go further.

However, If I go objectively with recent developments Liesl Laurie has shown, I must say she has been breathtaking. It would be very difficult for Miss World org to ignore this girl. Let us objectively analyse this girl on various factors that makes impact at Miss World:

Liesl Laurie

1) Face: When you compare her with Rolene Strauss, definitely you won’t find equal level of beauty. But Liesl has that radiance in her that enhances her beauty. This is what Miss World looks in most of their winners. And I find Liesl’s smile very sweet which again would be an edge in Miss World. Miss World likes radiant and positive looking winners and Liesl is all about that.

Liesl Laurie

2) Body: See the picture and decide on your own. I find her body quite elegant and curvy. The only region she needs to concentrate is her belly which has a very small flab. Once it’s done, she will be a bang on in Top 5 of Beach Beauty( although it’s renamed now).

3) Personality: This is one major reason I am counting on this girl. When I saw the introduction of Miss South Africa 2015 Contestants, my other friends picked Channelle and Nicole but I told them that it would be Liesl who will win in the end and she proved my judgement right. She is extremely well spoken and spontaneous. She doesn’t come across rehearsed which is one of the major factors deciding the winner of Miss World.

Liesl Laurie

4) Styling: This girl has never disappointed me in any of her appearances. What I love the most is she doesn’t hesitate experimenting. She always provides us something new to see every time. This will help her in Miss World too in getting noticed. I should also give an extra point to her stylists and designers who are always working on her so well to make her look ‘Awesome’.

5) Social Media Presence: If you go through her Facebook Fan Page, you would realise how updated it is. You will always see her appearance from different events and good quotes. This shows that this girl can maker her presence felt easily.

Considering all above points, I won’t be surprised to see her winning back to back crown for South Africa. In case, if she doesn’t win, I expect her to be in Top 5 at the least because considering present competition, she deserves Top 5 in worst case. What do you think?

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